One Less Destination.

Turkey is fortunately a wobbly ally to the USA.

Okay, I guess we can all agree we don’t like how quickly Erdogan replaced the fresh democracy in Turkey with his brandnew muslim dictatorship. Bad news for women and journalists and intellectual forward thinkers. But even worse news for the US since Turkey’s kinda going its own way and doesn’t feel like playing the little bully towards Russia on the USA/NATO’s behalf.  Because, let’s be honest now, that’s what’s behind all the petty arguments and the fight about support of the Kurds n shit n stuffz. The Turks have figured out America uses them as a wall against Russia and Syria. For no apparent reason and with bad economical consequences.

For that reason alone we love Erdogan, no?

Sorry for all my American friends, your Turkey vacation plans are put on ice for now. 😉 Well, you may still travel to many far more attractive and friendly destinations, for example Mexico and Cuba and maybe even Puerto Rico. LOL.


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