Berry Does Her Memes Again


No, not really. As per her own writing they won’t be memes but SecondLifeChallenges from now on. Big deal, yes, I know. And they won’t be weekly but only bi-weekly. Aaaand, she’ll rerun memes of old. :/ Hmmm.

Does the modern SL woman really need a new noggin every week? Berry seems to think so.

For example the Challenge of today, which is supposed to kickstart the new series is actually from 2013. But anyhoo; having something meaningful to do and blare out our own insignificant opinions is a chance to get a post out without much of effort, without being in danger of crashing a car …

Krashered the mostest nicest freebie auto into a landslide. 😮

… or bike or spaceship and without having to do any reasearch and collecting landmarks n shit. Oh, and maybe the best: Taking part in a Strawberry Singh meme doesn’t require getting nekkid and wet in a Japanese onsen. 🙂

A Japanese hot bath, a.k.a. sento or onsen.


Yo, anyway, here’s Berry’s re-starter pack:

That’s only your opinion, Berry darling. Here, watch my 7 truthes:


  1. I have purchased some Lindens. Once only. I gave them to Charlz after he bought the land back from some gangster bot who snapped it away from me in the splitsecond it was available for zero (0) L$ while I wanted to transer it from my group to me. My very awkward stupidity was made worse after Charlz sent the money back to me. He’s a truly great and generous guy!
  2. Adressed and answered in #1 already. Yeah, I had land. Once even two parcels: The 8192 m² in Devilbrook, next to Triumphal, where I had the original OrCafé and a pretty small but nifty piece on Sansara, under the bridge in Kaminari sim, directly bordering a sailing route.

    The old OrCafé
  3. I don’t hate notecards, why would I. I think they are mighty and important tools and often necessary to read up on the technical stuff of things you bought. I only hate them if they are just blahblah and self-referencing marketing shit.
  4. Yesyes, OMG! Berry’s so right in this point. I’m faster and get more shit done when I’m flying solo. So when I’m not in a relationship, as I’m rarely ever am, I prefer to be on my own. Even taking a altsister with me on a camping trip proved to be too stressful when the two of us had a kinda passive aggressive standoff. 🙂
  5. Haha, no problem for me. I don’t use bento heads, mesh bodies or anything. So I can still be very attached to my own avie with all her imperfections. I guess this gives me some real personal integrity, Berry and her army of fellow Bentoers can never reach.
  6. Hah again! I don’t even know how big my inventory is. I guess standard size for a ten years old bishie. Oh no, much smaller even. I hardly go shopping and stil wear clothes from the very old times. Only got rid of prim shoes. 🙂 Gawd, remember those clunky things? Terrible.
  7. In this point Berry is absolutely 110% correct. You cannot be bored in SL!!! Second Life is entertainment, self-entertainment. Just keep your mind and eyes open and you will never be bored. Or just dance …
    … and play with lasers! =^.^=

    And even if, when you feel the slightest touch of what now? getting at you, remember there’s always the little X in the top right corner of your viewer. Just click that and be bored no more!


Ok, that was me finishing Berry’s first meme challenge in years. Come on guys, join  me and let’s swamp Berry with our clever answers. 🙂

And again, as it wasn’t clear for some OrcaBlog readers in the past: Don’t send the queries to me but to Berry and only to her!


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