Still No Joy in SL. :(

It would overburden your patience as it did mine to show you details of my uphill battle with the Linux Terminal and trying to install Singularity viewer from the AUR. Just know that I’ve found a very unsatisfying workaround by installing Singu in LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) on Gaga and managed to set up a cry for help to my Gurujin, Jean Horten. Now it’s hopefuly jst a matter of days or hours or months for her reply and me finally being able to join SL again with my main production machine, the very fast and nifty MiniMax.

10 secs after login, Orca and Slanty fighting over who’s the more sexy cloud.

Anyhoo, while I was online I met Slanty again and it was indeed not as bad as the last time we met. Gaga with the theoretically much slower i3 CPU sports the much better HD onboard graphics so running SL on medium settings is nice. Unfortunately it was laggy af. 😦

Bildschirmfoto zu 2017-10-07 11-22-58
Like 20 mins later Orca and Slanty are wonderfully rezzed. That went quick. 😉

Also had Kitten in IM but for her it was dogwalking time … ya, I know, a tiny tiny kitten walking a dog is highly surreal, when you think about it, and for me it was time to flee from SL. Sorry, this much laaaag becomes unbearable for me. 😦


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