Another One Bites the Dust! :(

Blogs, they come and gogogoooooooooo…

The world’s not a fair place, is it? I mean, look at all the good and useful blogs descending into the forever darkness. Latest victim of lacking dedication is SL VENUE, a chic and stylish blog for clubgoers. Only Orca’s crappy shitblog, it just won’t die. 😦 Like a freakin zombie it’s being kept on going by Orcsi’s BS and *Lucy’s TrYC racing news … and sometimes Trappy’s photos of graveyards along the Oslo fjord.

But mostly Thar She Blows! is powered by something not many other blogs have: A lively and opinionated commentary section that is often much more interesting than the basic blogposts themself. In other words: Orcablog’s existence is due to your feedback and your input.

*Like clockwork we can count on Lucy’s reports about the friendly Shields races on TrYC’s many race courses. She really made her column a worthwile read, with a short personal commentary about the event, complete with updated results lists. Race on Saturday, read all about it on Sunday! With that she turned good old Orcablog into the sole surviving SL Sailing outlet.

Are the Rainbow and Topless cruisers still posting reports somewhere? All my attempts to lure Kitten into posting her LCC cruising invitations and reports and photos for Thar She Blows! turned out to be unsuccessful so far. 😦 And you, my dear readers, you are more than welcome to post your racing and cruising stories here as well. Why are y’all so fukn lame?

(“Why are y’all so fukn lame?” asks the lamest avie ever, a girl sooo lazy and absent, she hasn’t put a foot on any sailboat in, like, two years at least.)


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