Three Computers


… and I can’t get Singularity SL viewer to run on none of them. 😮

From left to right we see the screens of MiniMe with ArchMerge Linux installed. Installing Singu from the AUR was no problem but, alas, it refuses to start. 😦

In center is my main machine, the allmighty MiniMax, running of course Manjaro. Here the problem is even more severe as I can’t even get Singu installed in the first place. While ago my guruine showed me the necessary commands to convince Manjaro to accept Singu but fuck me if I remember them. :.(

All the way to the right side is my fancy Gaga, also equipped with Manjaro, and sharing MiniMax’s problem in a gesture of solidarity. Will install my #1 security system, LMDE, on it. I know it’ll run Second Life without any problem. And then in world I can try to find Jean, my guruji, and ask her to help me again. 😉

Let’s see how that goes. Anyhoo, at least I can check inworld, even without any fancy schmancy graphics, and communicate a little bit.

Wish me luck.



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