Orca Don’t Like Sansar

For her it’s just a waste of time and a step in the wrong direction for the average SL resident. But it’s, according to the technophiles and The Lab, it is the fukn future! So we probably gotta live with it. Sooner or, hopefully, later.

Anyhoo, the esteemed Inara Pey has written a very interesting Release Overview of Sansar Discovery. This gives us some much needed insight into what you can do in this brave new world collection of unrelated experiences. Seems you can indeed do more than just stand around in awe, but kinda interact with the things in world.


Did I read the article in full? Nope. It’s not of any interest for me and once SL will be shut down, it’ll mark the end of Orca Flotta’s virtual existence. I’m not willing to spend any money on AR equipment or to further upgrade my computer in the next couple years. The shit works just well enough for my humble requirements. And as long as LL won’t make Sansar accessible for Linux users, this Linux user ain’t available for spending her money in Sansar. It’s a very easy equation, no?

Buuut, this isn’t about Orca but about the future of VR and AR and maybe you, dear readers. So may I urge you to gather some much needed insight over at Inara’s allknowing blog?


    • Yes, Luna. And for now we can’t even do much in that sucked time. Oh, I know what to do instead of getting seasick while wearing an octopus on my face: I should learn how to cook. I mean at 51 years of age it becomes slowly time for this hesitant housewife to learn how to do that. 🙂

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  1. VR is a fad that is already over. HTC lost a shit ton of money on the Vibe and got bought out. It isnt profitable. VR is like owning an exercise bike or rowing machine. People buy that crap with intent on using it all the time, then it sits there unused once the novelty wears off, in the case of VR its about 2 hours and then blah..waste of money. Everyone I know that owns a VR headset used it for about 3 days then stuck it in a drawer and doesn’t use it anymore. Sansar is lame and SL isnt going anywhere, it is a completely different thing.

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    • Without wanting to sound like a conservative sceptic, wouldn’t it be nice if LL had taken all that money and the manhours they pumped into Sansar and instead kinda reinvented, evolutionized, modernized SL with it? Phase out the old, patched code, introduce more shinies, give us more prims, less lag, better service and a more well-rounded product. It’s what I pray since my early youth: Evolution instead of revolution!!!


      • It would have been nice but in the world of “Gaming” it is amazing that SL is still even around. If you log in on Firestorm it shows how many people are currently online, that number is never more than 50,000. That is horrible! If a game developer released a game today that only 50,000 people played it would be an absolute bomb. If you log onto something like Overwatch, there is something like 2.3million people online at any given time. Now granted SL isnt a video game, but it is also a money loser for LL. The onmly reason they are alive at all is because people like me with shopping fetishes who now pay them 60L per transaction. Nobody wants to rent mainland when you can get cheaper land with more prims and just as much control through the Chungs. The Premium option is not worth it just to have more groups and a useless Linden home. Also for new people, SL is difficult. If you dont have someone to show you the ropes and you log into SL, you dont know where to go, how to go there and the options on a default avi compared to modern video games are just blah..so you need someone to show ya, hey you can be mesh ya know..and take ya to a maitreya store etc etc etc, how to move, how to TP, how to change etc. It has a hard time retaining people who dont get it or have help getting it.

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        • Oh Jackie, I guess you’re a bit overdramatizing now, dontcha think? If SL ain’t making money for SL, what else? Far as I know it’s still lucrative enuff to keep all the staff and even work on making it technically better. Heck, they even make enuff profit to put huge chunks of money into Sansar.
          All the other stuff you mention is and always was true, but did it keep any of us away from SL? Moving your avie around and typing in chat is super easy. Nobody needs more in the first couple days. I know I didn’t. I was so stunned by all the new virtual stuff and people I got to see. A couple weaknesses in management and technicalities couldn’t keep me off SL. We nOObs learned pretty fast to live with all the shit, we even had end-of-world parties with huge group hugs in the last couple of minutes before the weekly time-out period. Wasn’t it always on a Tuesday or Wenzday or so? And then the big surprise when you could llog back in after 2 hours and everything worked. Or how the forum exploded when the world refused to start on time. OMfG, what sorta macabre fun we had. 😉
          Yeah, maybe the new SL customers aren’t that easy to entertain and treat SL more like a product, ready for consumption, but I still refuse to believe that those technical imperfections are driving people away en masse.


          • Oh I agree, they arent driving us oldies away, but they arent attracting anyone new either and there lies the problem. Yes it is 1000% better than it was back in the day, but it wouldn’t take much for a developer to copy it, and make it modern and more appealing to the next generation. Did you know the average age of an Slr is something like 42 years old? If we want it to last it has to appeal to the millennials, sadly but they are the ones who spend most of the money.

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  2. I dunno, Jacqueline, millennials might not have as much money as you suppose, but we oldies surely do. Youngsters might be as huge a population bulge as Boomers, but they have yet to learn the discernment that comes with time. Sansar is for artists and builders while SL caters to a much broader user base — and is more social. That might change, but the last dispatch from Sansar was a breathless screed on how users now could move objects. Big whoop!

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    • Yes, you are also right, Luna. We oldbies surely have the dough … well, sometimes at least. 🙂 But we’re a dying breed, nearly extinct, we’re not the future, and far more important, as you said it yourself: We are able to discern! We make the distinction between useless fads and fashion and useful stuffz, worth our money and investment. And for most of us, we don’t feel the need to keep up with the SL Joneses anymore but spend our money for RL luxuries and Have-To-Haves. For what a single sim in SL would cost me I’d buy a new used professional Lenovo USFF PC every month. And/or restore kinda sexy but ultimately crapppy old vans and buy lotsa sushi. Guess where my money goes?

      In so far is LL acting clever by catering mostly for the millenials.

      And, no, they are not a huge population bulge but just a younger generation than we Gen Xers (the first generation that isn’t as well off as their parents), and mostly even poorer than we were. But while we live from inheritances and retirement and social welfare and health insurance payouts, they are still very active in their respective jobs and maybe a bit better off than we. At least for the moment. But as I said, even if we have the disposable income and could afford huge chunks of virtual land in SL, we don’t really buy into that scheme. Because we have learned the discernment.


    • Can hardly wait for the day a robot tries to replace me. 🙂 Is not possible since I’m just a bit too sexy. Millenials, OK, they are all the same all over the world and easily replaceable. Every pocket calculator can do it, but Luna, Jackie, Inara or any of us old bishies? Naaaw.


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