Harvest Time

Maybe you remember how mildly optimistic I was like a year ago, when we saw new lemon fruits spawning from our miniature lemon tree. Well, today, over a year later, hubby decided the lemons do look kinda ready and should give us better results than the last harvest. So from the initial five fruits two survived and even had a nice lemony shape and the rich yellow colour one would expect. So we finally went ahead and harvested them. Like so:

Here our vitamin sources are still joyfully frolicking in their natural habitat …
… not even a minute later they are on the butcher’s block, where the meatgrinder is waiting for his innocent victims. Hehe. 😉
Revolution! Heads will roll until the deed is done. Followed by some squishy squashy …
… et voila, almost 100 ml of fresh organic homegrown citrus juice. \o/ YAY! \o/

Okay, I have to admit harvesting only two fruits is a bit disappointing but it’s a jump of 100% compared to our last harvest. Also qualitywise the produce is much much better this time around. But altogether I guess I’ll have to give up my dream of owning a citrus empire and multiple plantations n stuff. Doesn’t matter, as that leaves me more time for blogging. 🙂


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