Google’s Doing Something Right!

Mark your calendar, peeps: Thursday, 5th October 2017 Orca admits she wants to be the mother of Google’s babies the internet giant will bring a useful machine onto the market. This thing exactly:

Chromebooks are The Shit. Get one!

As much as I hate Google in general I was always on the fence about Chromebooks. Although for different reasons and uses than Google had in mind for them. If you have paid attention to Orca’s countless rants and rambles you know that the OS on Chromebooks, ChromeOS, is indeed a Linux OS – the highly geeky Gentoo is at ChromeOS’s base as I’ve just learned -, just Googleyfied and not at all GNU-ish. So we know they are able to handle a Linux installation. In the early days you had to use some trickery to get rid of ChromeOS and replace it with something better but from what I hear the modern Chromebooks are open to the upgrade. \o/ YAY! \o/

Fugly but totally secure: World famous Fefe blog:

Even internet security geek and CCC member Fefe loves that thing and wants to get one. And when Fefe says it’s good, it really is good!

Unfortunately the Pixelbook’s 999$ price tag is muuuuuch too steep. Particularly for Orca who doesn’t want nor need a touchscreen or any of the other modern tablet-ish crappola. For the rest of you: Yeah, the Google Pixelbook is the shit. Get one! (and put Linux on it). Yes, I’m looking at you Samantha Vintner!!!




    • Contrary to your useless iPad you can type on the Pixelbook, Sam. It sports a keyboard! WIN! And it’s got a real much more powerfullerer CPU than anything Apple ever put in their tablets. But, yes, it’s still shit and I won’t have one.


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