Really, Orca? Really?

Hej Compadres, remember this?

Bold statement!

A bold statement indeed. And maybe even kindasorta wrong. 😮 Look this widdioh and call Orca out for being a fukn liar liar pants on fiar fire!


Whoa! 650 crispy Ameridollers is a word. It’s much too rich for a humble little girl like Orcsibaby who bought her last two PCs for much less than 650! And  totally unwarranted it is too. With all the extra gimmickry and bells and whistles, what this board won’t do is making your PC any faster. Logical, no? As far as I understand is your computer’s operational speed determined by your CPU and the RAM. Not by the quality of the Japanese condensors and the number of USB ports your board sports, nor by the amount of fancy stickers your youngsters can stick at their door.

But as I also understood is ASUS’s Rampage line made for spoiled little gamer kiddies and their proud parental units who need their little sunshine to keep up with the Jones’s kidz. Can’t instill the spirit of consumerism early enough, right? Because remember: Children are our future!

Good night humanity. 😦

Paul’s expertise on the new ASUS mobo.



  1. Oh you know hardware Nerdy Pants like me has to chime in here. While I think that is overkill, there is an actual reason for better Japanese capacitors and mosfets and chokes. You ever been chugging along seemingly fine and suddenly crash crash crash, maybe just the browser, maybe your Secondlife viewer? There could actually be a mother of a reason for this, Cheaper Chinese capacitors and such have intermittent failures when they get hot, yep they sure do. Higher end motherboards are factually more stable and can recover from things like voltage spikes etc much better than inferior boards. Also when it comes to performance, you are partially right, but for example I own a K sku, an unlocked CPU which means the measly 3.6ghz listed on the box dont mean a damn thing to me, because I have a decent z170 mb I can overclock the snot out of it and typically run it at a cool 4.6ghz although I have brought it up to 4.9 stable just to see how much I could OC it and it still be stable. Sure the chip will run just fine at 3.6 on an h110 or b250 chipset board, but thats all it will ever do, but even that same 3.6ghz on a decent z170 is going to crash less etc.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldnt ever pay 650 bucks for a wont do much for me beyond what I can get out of the Asus Prime series boards. Currently I have the z170-a but you know what? I can tell the difference between it and lets say a 70 dollar h110 board too, things like more on board fan headers and Asus’s really excellent Fan Expert software and Automatic overclocking Utility called AI Suite are really nice and you do see value in them if you have them, going without them seems archaic after.

    Keep in mind, I used to snicker and jeer at mechanical keyboard owners and scoff at the price of them, however these days, I could never imagine going back to a 20 dollar cheapy membrane keyboard either..and I used to be the one who said “My 12 dollar keyboard types just fine and 100 dollars for a keyboard is stupid” well call me stupid, I cant type on membrane switches now that my fingers are spoiled with the mechanical goodness of cherry MX switches. 🙂

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    • Yes, Jackie, you’re right about the Japanese capacitors (I called them conductors in the post, sorry) and number of fan headers and stuff. Quality is a good thing and we should never cheap out on PC spare parts. That’s why I would never ever install riff raff mobos like ASRock and BioStar and whatnots. I had always good experiences with Gigabyte and you’re not the first telling me that ASUS is the bees knees. But what I can’t wrap my head around is shelling out 650$$$ for a single board! As I said, my two Lenovos combined were cheaper than 650. And guess what makes more sense in my machine park and saves my ham and brings me joy? Yes, the two Lenovos. Heck, most of the cars we ever owned were cheaper than 650 dollers! 🙂

      Fortunately I don’t intend to ever overclock my cpu speed, so I can survive on the stock fans and don’t have to deal with plumbing in my computer. So the number of fan headers is irrelevant to me.

      Also yesyes to the mecha keyboards! My first PC ever was an IBM 386SX and of course it came with the legendary IBM model M keyboard, the one with the infamously loud buckling switches. First I was happy to get rid of it when I got a newer computer and lateron laptops. But a while ago I re-discovered mech switches and am over the moon with them now. Typing is so much nicer now and I’m almost as fast as I was in the early 90s. These – and wireless mice – are the things I happily spend money on. It’s our first contact, our main interface with the computer. This is important to me. How it feels. Mobos and processing speed much less so.


  2. Oh I forgot one more thing. I run 3000mhz ddr4 ram, lesser boards will only run it at 2133mhz and yes it makes a NOTICEABLE difference in performance…mine is actually overclocked to 3195mhz. This is another area where chinese capacitors would just fizzle and fry and make aweful burnt electronics smells and poofs of black smoke.

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