Believe It or Not …

… Orca was in world! In World SL!!! \o/ YAY! \o/

Was chatting with my good old friend, the cheesy Slanty Uriza. But see what I mean when I say SL ain’t no fun on my old Lenovo office machine? 😦 It’s still a damn nice Linux distro tester tho.
After some minutes of rezzing Slanty slowly becomes a bit better visible. A bit, a wee tiny bit.
Slanty made a snapshot showing how she’s supposed to look like. Has indeed not much to do with her representation on my screen. :/

A you can probably already sense, I’m still waiting for MiniMax’s mobo to come back from Gigabyte. Please excuse my absence from SL for so long. It’s also the reason for a lack of content in this blog thing. 😦

So, on with my morning patrol and lots of RL stuff I guess.

Laterz peepels xooxoxo



    • \o/ YAY! \o/ My little Sammie is back from vacation. I hope all is well. And, hey, I didn’t write Sleazy, I writered Cheesy.


    • Give it up, Samantha. Your English cheese is made from human feet. At least it tastes like it. Never ever compare it to a good Edam. Although you’re right, a mature yellow Gouda is even better than Edam.


      • Something completely different? If you confuse cheesy and sleazy, does that mean you’re still doing computerish stuffz on your schmartphone? Fuk, girl! 😮 Shame on you!!! Get a fukn decent computer and join us kool kidz on the Windows/Linux side. Or … if you insist, get a fukn pathetic – but adorable – Mac.

        But get away from that telephone, you fool!


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