Thar She Blows! Readers are Amazing!

Wanna know why? Pff, as if you didn’t know it yourself. 😉

But look here now:


You guys have hit Lucy, Trap and me 152,000 times since my move to WordPress in March 2015. And every single hit was a fukn pleasure. 🙂

Thx very much for your continuing support. I promise, as soon as Minimax is back in action, I will bring more reports from inworld. Have already some stories lined up and just need to get my good production computer to be functional again. I don’t think the guys at Gigabyte’s workshop are working on the weekend but I keep my hopes up that maybe on Monday I’ll receive some – hopefully good – news.

Will also have to bring Oubaas back in for ongoing restoration, so they better have something for me on Monday. Else I’ll be grounded for at least another week without any possibility to collect the board. 😮 And on MiniMe, the Lenovo without graphics card, SL looks pretty fugly. No fun being inworld like that.

“I can not work like this!”


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