What Do We See?

What are we looking at?


One microchip.

Two RAM sticks.

A smear of thermal paste (oopsy, stupid me).

What’s missing? Yeah, lots of stuff is missing but what’s the most predominant thing that’s not there? What’s the next logical step in assembling a computer from these parts?

Yes, right again. The mainboard, the motherboard, system board, baseboard, planar board or logic board, or colloquially, a mobo. It’s missing from the photo. But not only from there but missing from my desk, from the house, from our heap of spare PC parts as well.

It’s now like almost a week since I’ve brought the mobo in for warrantee repair/replacement, and still no word from the Gigabyte guys. 😦 You know what? By now I’m almost ready to say fukit! and just buy a new mobo. They aren’t that expensive and I always wanted a better, more fancy one anyway.


But now, where tf will I find a LGA-1150 Mini-ITX board of Intel’s Haswell generation? Saffas are generally too poor/cheap to sell stuff off but ride the shit until it falls apart. New parts availabilty will tend towards zero because by now it’s two or three generations out of date. So I’m basically fucked, my fate lies in the hands of our local Gigabyte service center. 😦 I can only hope they’ll manage to find a satisfying solution. Hmmm …



  1. Just curious, what was the testing methodology that had you arrive to the fact that the motherboard is the issue? Do you actually see physical damage on the board itself? Is it a bent socket pin, if so they wont warranty that anyway and want a ridiculous amount of money to install a new socket. Have you tested that RAM in other machines? Have you tested your PSU in other machines, have you tested that cpu in other machines? Inquiring minds wanna know.

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    • Much to my chagrin I must admit that No, I haven’t done anything of that sort. I just followed my gut feeling. Thing is I don’t have any other machine that fits a normal PSU or regular RAM. My two Lenovos are SFF and USFF, so their PSUs are outside of the cases and they use SO-DIMM RAM. But ever since I got the mobo back from repair (or a replacement, don’t know), the computer acted strange sometimes. And after I shut it down for a couple hours, last week, it refused to boot. And it was always a different error, so I expect it’s the mobo again. Oh yes, and when the techie out it on his diagnosis station he agreed with me, packed it in and sent it off to the headquarters in Joburg.


      • Ok one process of elimination you might want to try is just the hard drive…use another machine, disconnect the hard drive, plug in your drive from that machine and try using it for a bit. When I diagnose computers, I follow the power..so first test PSU, then check RAM, CPus hardly ever go bunk so next drives especially if its spinning rust vs SSD. More often than not it is in fact a RAM stick or Hard Disk Drives, motherboards don’t typically just borq on their own unless a capacitor or mosfet pops, but you can usually see that and will also usually smell the burnt electronics smell when it happens.

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        • Oh yes, I did indeed do that: Put the SSD into Gaga and installed a new system on it. All went flawlessly. And I ruled out the CPU as well. If that thing goes bump in the night I guess it wouldn’t give me intermittent errors but would stop working altogether.

          I guess my mobo has some bent pins. At least that’s what the techy told me. No idea how that could’ve happened. I was very feely touchy when I put the cpu back in … and anyway, it slipped right in without any tension and resistance. Well, we will see what Joburg’s gotta say.


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