O@tM: Baby Driver

Not in the #1 spot of the international piracy circuit but much nicer than fukn Pirates of the Carribean (we’re not interested in that shit) is very hot and just released on YTS: Baby Driver, the latest greatest action spectacle by film virtuoso Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright can’t set a foot wrong, can he?

Baby is a young and partially hearing impaired getaway driver who can make any wild move while in motion with the right track playing. It’s a critical talent he needs to survive his indentured servitude to the crime boss, Doc, who values his role in his meticulously planned robberies. However, just when Baby thinks he is finally free and clear to have his own life with his new girlfriend, Deborah, Doc coerces him back for another job. Now saddled with a crew of thugs too violently unstable to keep to Doc’s plans, Baby finds himself and everything he cares for in terrible danger. To survive and escape the coming maelstrom, it will take all of Baby’s skill, wits and daring, but even on the best track, can he make it when life is forcing him to face the music?

IMDb: 8.0

Rotten Tomatoes: 93% / 88%


What a ride! Very entertaining, perfectly filmed car chases, sexy girls, sexy boys, good actors, high stakes, very engaging. Ok, we’re done here. All perfect. Let’s give this movie it’s well-earned 10 points rating and go home. =^.^=


No, stop. Wait a minute! Yes, the movie was all of the above, ticked all the right boxes, fulfilled all attributes and … still left a hollow feeling in my stomach. Let’s find out why. Starting with the obvious, the script. This is the first movie Edgar Wright wrote the screenplay for completely alone and on his own. And it shows.


Unfortunately this ain’t just a very generic heist gangster action script, which would be perfectly forgivable, but it doesn’t  make much sense neither. And this is bad. If you have a generic fantasy script and fill it up with the most stereotype characters, then your movie project is on a slippery slope into cheese land.


And when we look at the members of our small ensemble, there isn’t a single believable, figure in between them. That takes out a lot of the suspense and air off the movie. It’s like watching the Muppet reenactment of Bonnie and Clyde, just with fast cars. Baby Driver doesn’t even work as a comedy. This movie takes itself kinda serious. Sorry, if you’re a movie buff with a little bit bigger expectations than to get yet another Transformers flick, then Edgar Wright’s latest vehicle ain’t “his best work” but unfortunately his worst.


Then there’s the sexy cast: Ansel Elgort (Baby) and Lily James (Debora) are acting like real actors here, the overhyped and underutilized rest (Spacey, Hamm, Bernthal, González, Foxx et al.) often appear as if they’re phoning their lines in. Nothing out of the ordinary here. And in such an ensemble movie, surrounded by other great actors, I can’t help but wonder why they all just appeared as if they didn’t give a shit.


Not even the cameo by RHCP’s Flea gave the movie a much needed Haha-effect. His character was as underdeveloped as everybody else’s. Of course. He didn’t hardly have any screentime to make an impression on us.


So, what went wrong? Stupid question, actually. There ain’t much wrong with Baby Driver. It’s a very entertaining gangster-action flick, fast and furious, maybe 10 minutes too long but apart from that it didn’t give us much time to and opportunity to find faults. It really took some self-analyzing (“Why do I feel so unsatisfied?”, “Why am I so unhappy now?”) to find out what caused these unwanted effects on us.


As it turned out it wasn’t us,  we can’t blame too high expectations for our feeling miserable. When you watch an Edgar Wright movie you expect good stuff, a quality movie. You don’t expect a cookie cutter, run-of-the-mill, average cold profit-oriented “product”.


But that is what we got served with Baby Driver; a cast, production team and first of all, a director, so full of themselves, so over confident, they just had to fail their own and the audience’s expectations.


No, but really now. I’m complaining on a damn high level here. Baby Driver was a technically perfect and very entertaining movie. For the undiscerning, popcorn munching movie-goer surely one of the highlights of the year 2017. My nitpicks are really just that: Nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.


That AND the small but discerning fact that Edgar Wright movies are always outstanding and above the usual H-wood fare of Transformers, Fast and Furious and Pirates of the Caribbean crappola.


So, yes, we expected better. And I’m not even ashamed to say that I’m slightly disappointed with Baby Driver. As we have it so often with modern Hollywood: Director and team get all the resources, budget up the wazoo, sexy acting people, highest level CGI … and  then something happens. 😮


bd14Be it meddling accountants, meddling mid-level studio managers, meddling agents, meddling producers, meddling financiers, somehow people aren’t happy when they can’t meddle with the product. Somehow all those self-important showbiz people have to “leave their mark” … or a plethora of other personal reasons.


Only in this case, in case of Baby Driver, I don’t believe that. Mr. Wright has made some very successful movies till date and left enough impact, they don’t meddle too much with him anymore … I guess.


They even gave Wright the permission to film his own screenplay! FFS, that is rare in H-wood nowadays. So I guess there is no one to blame but him. And what am I talking anyway? I guess Baby Driver did very well at the box office and Wright fulfilled all the expectations they had in him. So I should shut up.


Because there is a lot of stuff in Baby Driver that is great and really joyful and wholesome: The action and car stunts and most of all the soundtrack. This really needs an extra mention. There is no traditional score in Baby Driver but we hear what Baby hears. He’s got headphones on pretty much permanently and, to mine and Edgar Wright’s joy and maybe the confusion of American audiences, boy, does he listen to an unnatural amount of British rock. 🙂


bdHmmm …

But still, there’s something wrong with that particular flick. I tried my best analytical game, tried to diagnose what’s wrong with Baby Driver. Maybe you should  watch it yourself, if you haven’t done already. And maybe try to watch it with Orca’s eyes.  Anyhoo, I’m more than curious to know what you guys thought of Baby Driver. You know where you can stick your comments and thoughts, right?


Yes, exactly, in the comment section right underneath this review here. 🙂


CONCLUSION: A nearly perfect gangster/action movie that missed the mark by a millimeter. But as we all know: A near miss is still a miss. And I, personally almost prefer an honest and grandiose trainwreck over this A student who dares coming home with a A- or a B.


WATCH IT? YesYesYES!!! Yeah! Baby Driver is highly watchable as long as you don’t expect it to leave a lasting impression on you.



“Better than Wonder Woman.” Ok, we can agree on that, hun. =^.^=

“Low energy version of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’.” LOLWUT???

“Not touched by Disney. Ooooh.” That’s pretty much the only positive Alachia could find in Baby Driver. 😦

“Not as impactfull as its highly stylized packaging.”

After da bishies now come dem basterds:






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