KINDA URGENT: Update Your Credit Card Info!

This ain’t a hoax … I guess. 😉

I just received this message via ZZ Bottom, who got it from Ciaran Laval. See, that’s the international blogger network at work in perfect sync. 🙂 Unfortunately I can’t repost Ciaran’s message directly since he seems to have cut off his fellow WordPress bloggers from relaying and reposting his posts. :/

BTW: Good girl that I am I followed The Lab’s orders and just checked my account details, and all  seems to be in order. I mean, why would it change by itself? Hm, maybe the NSA auditor deleted something accidently, which would be like super awkward, no? Even more awkward that they wouldn’t find any compromising info in my dealings with LL. I’m such a good model citizen. A bad consumer and kinda extreme lefty and Putin fangurl … but nothing illegal yet.


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