Ubuntu MATE: Getting Better

Hey Friendlies,

Let me ramble for a while about some Linuxy stuffz. In particular about the champion of the masses, Ubuntu MATE.

As you might know I’m not a fan of Ubuntu and derivatives thereof. Of course with the exception of Mint, which was and still is one of my fave Linux distros. But, regardless of the base distro I am a huuuge fangirl of the Mate desktop environment because it’s soooo insipid and stale and booooring.

Why do I like boring stuff? Because we’re talking about an Operating System here. There is absolutely no sexyness involved in stuff like an OS. According to me, what I want from an OS are two simple things: Firstly it must not brake any old paradigm or my workflow, and secondly it must get out of my way. Because, let’s be honest here, we’re not working in our OS. We’re working in our internet browsers and office suites, in graphical software, MP3 players, torrent downloaders and all that stuff. We use our file managers because we have to, not because we love it and made sorting files our new hobby.


So, for most of us, we don’t want a glitzy, shiny, loud desktop, we don’t want our hyperactive desktop to make cartwheels and shout out for attention every couple seconds; what we want is a drab, stable and safe working horse. Boring? Yes, I know. And I love it!

Ok, with that out of the way now, let’s talk about Ubuntu MATE. I already tested it in the past, no need to do it again. There were some changes made to the system, and all for the better. Nothing world moving, paradigm changing, nothing revolutionary. Totally following Orca’s desktop argument, which is cool.

And since I’m not a fan of the stupid Ubuntu standard distro I’ve always looked down at Ubuntu MATE with some scepticism as well. When I tested it, it gave me the impression of being a nanny state. Because it cared. Because the guys around project lead Martin Wimpress, do really care about your n00b-ish demands and problems. In fact once you’ve installed Ubuntu MATE, they run through the basic setup together with you.

Read the release notes.
  • Slick Greeter?Check!
  • Global Menus?Check!
  • Heads-up Display (HUD)?Check!
  • Super key to active menu launchers?Check!
  • Functional alternative to Unity 7 for those that want it and a traditional desktop for those that don’t?Check!
  • Read on to find out more…

Ubu MATE takes you by the hand during the initial update and tells you what to do. For ppl like me this approach is a bit too passive aggressive, totally uncalled for and unnecessary and just a waste of resources. For the bloddy beginning you it might be a lifesaving measurement which can make or break your future in Linux. My money is on make!

Watch this video by our Welsh friend Chris Were, where he again goes over all the stuff that makes Ubuntu MATE such a great distro for the brandnew Linux convertee, a.k.a. You.

Yeah, guess I’ve gotta take back my initial negativism about Ubu MATE. It probably wasn’t made with me, and people like me, in mind. It was made for You! And for You – if You are the You who I think You are – it’s just the perfect distro. 🙂

Grab your ISO file from here.

Reclaimer: Of course, and this must be mentioned, if you are not a totally dummy but moderately intelligent and self-sufficient Ubuntu MATE ain’t for you. You’re much better off with Mint Mate, Manjaro Mate or any other Arch or Debian Mate. As long  as it ain’t based on Ubu you’re cool with it.



  1. I cannot use Ubuntu, not because of the reasons I mentioned that Linux isn’t my daily driver either..it’s just that the CEO of Connical uses a Mac from my understanding..could you imagine the CEO of Samsung carrying a Iphone? LOL , it’s about the same thing in my view. How can anyone take a CEO serious that won’t use their own product?

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  2. LOL Jackie, it was Jim Zenlin, the bigboss of the Linux Foundation who powered the slideshow of his keynote speech on an iPad. 😮 Orca and Bryan Lunduke reported on that. 😉 Haha.


    Not that Canonical is much better: They’ve decided to stop development for their weirdomatic Unity desktop and replace it with the even worse Gnome 3.xx. Millions of users are left in the dark now. I mean they’ve only got themselves to blame. Who in their right mind would ever invest in that stupid system? I knew it isn’t good already before I installed my very first Linux. I had no clue about shit but I knew that, as a kool kid, I had to go with Mint instead of Ubu.

    Aaaaand, now most important! Don’t you read this nifty blog here? And did I ever recommend Ubuntu for anything? No, eh? I didn’t. For reasons. You, Jacqueline and people in general, why are you making your lifes so complicated? Without any need?

    Again: Let me make it very very easy now for the last time (probably not, LOL). I give you basically 2 recommendations, and only 2:

    For like TOTAL n00bs who hardly know where the ON/OFF button is: Ubuntu MATE or Linux Lite

    For advanced users coming from 20 years of experience with Win/Mac: Mint Debian Edition or, even betterer, Manjaro.

    Oh, now I gave indeed a recommendation for Ubu MATE. :/ But that one is a really good beginners distro and keeps itself out of the Canonical headquarter’s political squabbles. As it’s kinda typical for most Mate installs and their users. We Mate-ists are an oldfashioned bunch and keep ourselves out of all the fashion desktops and experimental, minimal or other user interfaces. Some time, actually 2 or 3 years, ago a rather loudmouthish Forum member even became kinda angry with me for using such an oldfashioned desktop. 3D icons that looked like we’re back in the 90s, how dare I? I’m sorry, I don’t use a smartphone, I find flat icons fugly and have no need for touchscreens. And I wouldn’t even know how to use those things. So I find something that tries to emulate a smartphone screen on my desktop computer rather stupid and useless. Brrrr, shiver.


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