The always superbly informed Inara Pey relayed not one but two warnings to us, her readers. Both of technical nature. Stuff I have no idea about. So for me it’s a clueless honour to relay them to my readership as well. One of them regards users on the dreaded Windows system … yes, hard to believe, I know, but there still seem to be some people on that shit. 😦

We’re much too clever to fall for such an obvious scam, aren’t we?

Still it’s highly recommened to check out Inara’s blog and get informed and up to speed with the latest dangers that threaten our little pixel world. And once you’re there please thank that girl for her service to the comunity. We haven’t totally lost her to the geeks’ haven Sansar yet.


This couldn’t be of lesser importance for us kool Linux kidz, right? 🙂


    • Good thing is, Sammie, in this case you don’t even need to care. As an Appler you’re almost as cool as real Linux ladies. This shit, whatever it is, seems to be killling Windows users exclusively.
      So, now grow up, grow a pair and be an adult and … GET THAT SHITTY LAPTOP AND INSTALL LINUX ON IT!!! Dammit. 😮


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