This is Cute!


Hey dolls, weren’t you just looking for a nice tiny, inexpensive Linux machine? Yes, you were, yes, you were. Because Orca told you so. 🙂 And boy, can I help you with that. Or rather said, Bryan Lunduke can help you. Looksee here and let Bryan seduce you with a little machine he just tested:

Quite cute, eh? And quite powerful too it is. Uh, you know I’m not into all those ready-made Linux machines since they are usually a bit too expensive. But for total n00bs it’s the best way to get Linux and play with it or even become productive right away. And that without preparation of older hardware, installation of a new Linux system and fucking up and all that. But just use it … right outta the box!

Now you can view the tested Meerkat by System 76 as placeholder for many other ready-made tiny Linux systems on the market. Sys76 is the way to go for Merkins, if you’re from another country you’ll find similar stuff by your local suppliers. So please don’t view this post or Bryan’s video as Sys76 advertising but just as an attempt by me to let you know about the niftyness and usability of such micro PCs.

Of course, if you got the time and the nerves, nothing will beat the classical way to get a new system on your desk: By a used cheapo old rig, put Linux on it, have fun. And if that’s to much work and effort, and if you’re into small and sexy stuff, here is the video for you!


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