The World Sailing Show – October 2017


Oh my, it’s that time of the month again. 😉 The World Sailing Show raises its sails in a computer near you. In October we have these hot topics served to us:


01:03 – VOR Preview

06:03 – News

07:59 – Gitana 17 – 1st Flight

12:25 – Greig City Academy

19:55 – J Class Worlds

22:13 – Volvo Super 60

The practice is over for the Volvo Ocean Race fleet, the next start is for real. So here’s the first of our previews. Gitana 17, the world’s biggest foiling tri took her maiden flight. A team of teenagers from an inner London school took on their first Fastnet, while the 80 year old J Class mounted its first ever world championships. And then there’s a first glimpse of the future as we go behind closed doors to see the Volvo Ocean Race’s new foiling offshore racer. Add a round up of key world championships and this month is all about firsts.



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