So What?

Yes, we know. So what?

Honest now, since when do we have 64-bit hardware? 10 years or so? Yes, somehow like 10 years. And in all that time you haven’t found the money or time to purchase a new computer? Then, sorry to be so blunt, but Fuck You! And btw, Manjaro is not alone in being meaniepoofaces; many other distros have dropped, or are in the process of gradually dropping, 32-bit support and the 32-bit releases altogether.

But don’t fret, there are still many distros available with full 32-bit support. More details in the linked article. Yes, Linux does extend the life expectency of your poor hardware. It’s just that sexy Manjaro and others aren’t wasting their resources on the handful of still existing 32-bit computers anymore.

Really now, I’ve told you, and I proved to you, that a capable 64-bit computer doesn’t have to be expensive. Not at all. Look at my two Lenovo systems, MiniMe and Gaga: Super cheap but super nifty to not only play with Linux but for using them as professional workstations.

So, fraggles, get your shit together!


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