Latest Finds

These graphics I’ve found on the interwebz during the last days. They all touched me in one or the other way but none of them are worthy making a blogpost of ’em. So, hehe, I’ll dump ’em here right now. Make of these things what you want, I don’t care. Hey, this is my fuggin bloggy, I’ll post whatever I fancy! 🙂

Is this what jazz musicians call a Cool Cat?
I know this is what I call a cool cat …
… and this is a sad cat. 😦
Well, I’m freaked since months and even years. But do those IPs listen to my voice of reason?
No, they are showing us the friendly salute. 😮
My feels are hurt by such behaviour. 😦
… and sometimes I even get a bit angry! So grrr like n all!
I think it’s less inspiring but more headscratching like.
Let me help you finding the right answers!
My patented solution didn’t find many sympathies tho. 😮
Some even hunted and tracked me down, they wanted to bite me. 😮
So I needed the comfort of a less cool but much more fluffy cat.
Now we finally know why Pikachu always has this slightly moronic smile on his face.
Pictures like this make me smiling moronoically.

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