I couldn’t stand it anymore. Felt cut off the SL world and had to do something to remedy that situation … and I did. Installed LMDE (my go anywhere, everytime, secure, no probs distro) on MiniMe, installed Singularity and logged in! \o/ Wohoo! \o/

My planned headquarters didn’t finish itself. Need to get on with the construction … soonish.

Fortunately I was so clever to set most my groups so I won’t receive any notices. So my housekeeping was refreshingly short today. I found one IM by NoodleQT, which I haven’t seen in years. She’s also much more in RL than in SL it seems. Didn’t even look at my friendslist, not interested in talking to anyone right now. Sorry. Actually  I didn’t feel like being in world at all, so just snapped a snapshot and logged off again. Playing SL on the old Lenovo ain’t fun. LL were sending me an automatted message and let me know that my computer doesn’t meet the minimal requirements. I logged in nevertheless but, yeah, it’s no fun, not at all. At least I know Orca is sound and save on her platform and ready for me whenever I need her. That’s sorted out.

Now I can sleep well until MiniMax is back in action again. 😉

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