Hubby makes a Photo.

We sitting at Mug & Bean café, munching on our brunch.

Hubby, while grabbing my camera: “Hehe.”

Beautiful and awesomely sexy but terribly photo shy me, thinking I know what he’s up to: “Don’t you dare!”

Hubby: “I become an Instagram star.”

Baffled but relieved me: “You poor mofo. You’re supposed to snap the shot when the food is just served, not after we’ve wolfed down half of our portions already!”

Hubby: “Looks still ok-ish to me. Hehe ;)”

Worried me: “I can’t believ…”

Hubby: *Click*

Flabbergasted me: Groans and rolls eyes.

Hubby: “Hehehe :)”

Hubby in foreground: “Welsh Rarebit” with selfmade fries, mustard sauce, bacon and avo. Orca’s food in background: “Eggs Benedict” on muffins, with salmon, rösti and grilled tomato.

I mean, yes, ok, the food was lekker but from an optical pov I really gotta doubt the Instagram worthiness. Hubby could at least have arranged it a bit nicer, dontcha think? I don’t get this obsession with food blogging anyway.


    • Well, our plates looked quite appetizing for a chain restaurant/café. But, as I said, after we had downed half of our portions making a snapshot is rather pointless, no?


        • 1 US$ = 13,1973 ZAR. It’s not as superduper as the €uro = 15,7979 ZAR but still makes super cheap food. Jackie, if you can afford a Logitech mouse you can afford eating out 3 times a day in Saffa.


          • Oh I cant affford ANY of the tech I have, I just sacrifice things like food…haha. I make my living via my computer so it takes higher priority in my life than other things that most people would consider more important…for example I drive a 99 Mazda with over 200K miles on it…because..if I had car payments I couldnt buy upgrades for my computer system…hahah…and ohhh those tasty ramens 4 for a dollar…LOL

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            • A 99 Mazda???
              The most modern car we ever owned was an 84 Mercedes W124. And it was cheap and crap. Our older 82 W123 was golden compared to the newer model. We drove it for 12 years without spending anything on maintenance. Right now we have the oldest car we ever owned: The Transit’s build year is unknown but according to its radiator grill it must be from the 1966 – 70 period. We just hate spending any money on cars. Although Turdy was a bit different and now Oubaas we surely need to invest heavily in. But it’s worth it we’ve been told.
              Generally you’re right: Payments for cars is stupid. Buy that wreck and own it outright is the way to go. Live within your means is super fashionable right now. It’s true, our generation will never be as rich as our parents were/are. But we’re also much more cleverer and dropping out of the rat race is kinda chic these days. We are poor as church mice but we aren’t indebted to anyone. No student loans to pay back, and only a minimal homeloan we could pay back in full by tomorrow. We just keep it alive since it’s a quick way to take out another loan should we need one. But we don’t. And that’s a good feeling, I can tell ya.


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