¡Hola Sombreros! 😉

Aren’t you guys sick of my Logitech fangurlism yet? Yes, it’s understandable. Buuut as it so happens I just stumbled over a video by one of the many PC hardware channels we’ve subscribed to on YouTube. There … look …

URL for this video.

This is Kyle of the Bitwit channel, quickly showing off his very own Logitech mouse G602, his go-to mouse. Whoa, after all these years and the amount of rodents the manufacturers throw at him, he still uses his old G602. Guess who else uses G602. No, not Hitler … but your little Orcsi. See, I wasn’t so far off when I recommended this particular mouse to you guys. Hey, when even the professionals are happy with that thang, it can’t be that bad. You trust me now, yes?

That’s how it started. :/

Even if you don’t trust me, I am a very happy camper with my G602. Even if it shows signs of the abuse it’s still my absolutely most favouritistest rodent in the history of ever. Look, now shit really falls off Mousy. It literally falls off …

Doesn’t matter, G602 still works like a boss!

So, my recommendation still stands: If you can still find that awesomesaucemouse anywhere, go get it! You won’t regret it. It’s not only wireless and trumps with ultralong battery life, no, it’s all around amazeballs. Jeez, I shoulda ask Logitech to pay me for all the propaganda I make for them fuggers’ their products. I betcha they’d love to shower me with monies and make me the richest blogger ever. 😉



  1. I have the Logitech g502 RGB Prometheus. I love the mouse, it is great. It’s fast, it’s accurate and for the first 6 months of it’s life I loved the RGB lighting, unfortunately the blue LED in the G logo died so I can have any blend of RGB I want…as long as B is 0..lol. Also white looks a little green, but what can you do. I love the weight options on the bottom and despite having 5 addiitional buttons over a traditional mouse..I never use them for anything..lol.

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    • As it so happened I did see it, Jackie. And I thought to myself what a perfectly timed comic relief it was. That’s actually the main reason for me to watch those hardware shows, observing those monkees making fools of themselves. And the greatest respect to Wifeysauce for letting Kyle ridicule himself – and her – for cheap laughs.


      • My biggest issue with Techtubers in general is they make people feel like they have inferior systems constantly. They focus on the latest greatest technology which is out of reach financially for most people with no regard for two things 1) They get their shit for free, would their opinions change if the money was out of their own pockets? and 2) 99.9% of the people who watch their stuff and feel like they need to upgrade …don’t need to upgrade. Modern technology even at what is considered “entry level” has more performance than MOST people will ever come close to reaching it’s abilities. Here is a great example, I see zero difference in SL with a lowly i3-6100 with a GTX 1050ti as I do with the 6600k (mid range because is only i5 and ya know it sucks if you dont have an i7…smh) and a GTX 1070, it looks identical, my fps is identical etc. Why? Because even the hyperthreaded dual core i3 and gtx1050ti on a 1080p monitor is actually overkill..60fps is nothing for this hardware…and even a titan x with an i7 7800k us stlll gonna screetch to a fuckin hault when suzy the clothing maker puts 18 4k resolution button on her cool mesh jacket because to hell with optimization and who knows someone might zoom in and make the button 65 inches big on their huge 4k monitor one day, wouldnt want it to have some aliasing….smh,

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        • Mhm, you’re sooo right. Particularly for us “action avies” it becomes irrelevant. Orca won’t sail or ride her bike any faster on a better CPU/GPU. Maybe she’ll look better and has more chance to be fully rezzed even when racing. But it’s not necessary. In fact in daily operations I don’t see any difference between my regular i5-4690 and my lowly i3-4130. The i3 is 2 generations newer which makes more difference than the hierarchical gap between the formerly fastest i5 and the enerygsaving laptop technology i3.

          In fact I guess no gamer needs the bestest, most beefy procis. That’s why AMD is such a favourite amongst clever gamers. Of course one should always get the bestest Nvidia graphics card one can afford. Particularly in Second Life.


          • Well if gaming or playing SL at 1080p, I did mention I have zero difference between a 1050ti and 1070, so I would say the 1050ti is the most you need, but..a 1050ti actually beats a 970 in many things, a 1060 beats a 970 in ALL things..so the most I would get if a ten series is a 1060, I think you are wasting money beyond that if you dont have a high refresh or high resolution display..for 1080p 60hz the 1060 will crush everything with ultra settings and get 60 fps AT LEAST (expect SL for the suzy needs 4k images on her tiny buttons that would look identical at 480ppi at that size but thats life living in user contribution content)


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