\o/ No More Sadness! WHOOHOO!!! \o/

Guess who’s back?

Still fugly. But we’ll care about such shit later.

Oubaas is back! Just in time for the beginning of spring. Sitting fat and proud in our parking bay and waiting for future adventures. Today I took him out already for the usual grocery shopping shit … and he behaves nicely and drives all sweet like. Not like a disgusting diesel truck but, due to the V6 engine and the sporty tyres, like a nippy sports car. 🙂 These things are, amongst others, what makes the Transit so superior over the Volkswagen Transporter.

Just shopped for the bare necessities: Cheesecake, sushi and a new fan.

Plan for tomorrow is like both of us venturing out for a little safari to the beach or maybe even all the way down to the cape or sumfink. Prolly just to China Town or the nearest mall. Yeah.



    • It’s not the bestest but Food Lovers Market always makes it at least a little bit better than the fake Japanese sushi master (who is Chinese) at our convenience store around the corner. Well worth the long trek. So we munched on 8 different packs. It was enough that I even had some leftovers for breakfast today. Plus a nice big slice of cheesecake. Life’s pretty awesome right now and I wished for every day to start like this.
      Oh, and btw, I was just at Gigabyte and brought my fuckered mobo in for warrantee repair or replacement. Hopefully I’ll be able to reassemble my good computer in a couple days and then check in world again if there’s some havoc for me to cause. *<8-)


    • Mmmmmmmm, me lurves me some lamb. Kidneys are more like hm, well … just about tolerable. But I guess the Frenchies make them in a to-die-for manner. Little romantic bistro at the beach promenade, sunset, a glass or bottle of merlot, et voila … bestest vacations ever!


    • Heyas Olivia S. from Partsavatar car body parts (what a longlong name, löl). Thx for the compliment but this car (Ford Transit Mk 1, 1966-1970) ain’t so cute at all. It has always been the more mature, more brutal and truck-like big contender to the prety cute and girlish Vokswagen Transporters and busses. Driving it is kinda fun but not in tight quarters. Lacking powersteering, with the pretty wide racing tyres parking it in a tight parking bay turns into a real workout. Pheeew.
      And the colour? Maybe it was nice once … but not anymore. No, it isn’t. Nhn. The red is totally bleached out and there is lots of rusty patches n shit. We’ll need to respray the whole thing. I wanna go for a creme white/petrol green scheme, something fresh and beachy. 🙂


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