Let Me Join the Choir

God Himself, or someone utilizing His voice, has spoken out. Very dramatically and with that certain weightness in His voice. Against Russia. You know that crazy commie country where the blood red sun never rises and people go hungry and opressed. “We are under attack”, God said and startled us all. And in His infinite wisdom He broke the internet as every little shitty leftist site and blog protested against that one negro actor from Lala Land that imitated God so greatly.

Sputnik gives us the antidote.

Of course now you expect your private little leftist, socialdemocratic, liberal, socialist, Marxist, feminist, commie bishie Orcsibaby (your guilty pleasure?), to comment all clever and full of hate and defend Mother Russia from the bad American propaganda. But all she does is acting like totally shocked and out of words, all speechless like.

Did MorganFreeman get an offer he couldn’t refuse?

Countless people, much more cleverer and with better command of the English idiom did all the clever and betterer commenting already. So little old me will just go all ZZ Bottom like and just collect some links and disperse them among the esteemed Thar She Blows! readership. For you guys to make up your own mind.

Me loves my daily dosage of Nina Byzantina.

It’s sad, isn’t it? I mean how desperate must the leadership elite of the US be, in order to activate the propaganda ministry’s fifth column? Isn’t that only used during shooting war times, to hire some stars in order to manipulate the masses? Damn early in the game if they already have to come up with the heavyweights like God himself, dontcha think?

Oh shit! 😮 Ok, I give up.

Orcsi is just sad and can’t find any humour in this latest attempt to propagate war against Russia. And I’m disappointed with Morgan Freeman. See, his demeanour, his voice, his choice of roles all let me to believe this might be a man of intellect and integrity. Of course, like so often, I was fukn wrong. 😦

11 Memes To Celebrate Morgan Freeman's Birthday | Campus Riot
Yaya, got it. 😦



  1. Right Foneco. And Freeman is so proud of his 240 years of democracy … in a country that only lets him sit in the front of the bus in the last 20 years or so. What a shining example. 😦


    • Oh, you didn’t know that here in Merica! that media only has a single function which is to create evil boogy men under the bed. All they do is fabricate a new monster daily as a means of populous control, I mean what is governments role aside from protecting us all from the big bad boogy man monsters world wide? The remind me of the Italian Mob, put guns to our heads and steal our money for “protection” from imaginary monsters. I use to spend a great deal of energy trying to get them to wake up but as Morpheus said in the original matrix, they are so hopelessly dependent on the system they will defend it even when they know it is killing them.

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      • My all time faves are the “Constitutionals” who A) Clearly don’t understand how contracts work in law. When the people who sign a contract die, so does said contract. There are no signers of said contract still alive therefore it is legally moot. I cannot go for example finance a car and promise that my yet to be born grandkids will pay for the loan, they didn’t agree to the terms. Seems pretty obvious and simple to me. and B) The USA is part of the UN, when you join the UN your so called National Sovereignty is completely irrelevant! It is superseded if the world council doesn’t agree..you are bombed, ones so called right to National Sovereignty is complete and utter horseshit.

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        • As Germans we’re doublefucked: As members of the USA’s plaything UN and as members of the EU we have practically no national sovereignty anymore. Although, again, as post war Germany we never had full sovereignty. After WW2 the US made it impossible for us to become a neutral country like Switzerland and Austria, although that would’ve been the most preferable solution. But the US needed a buffer zone/missile ramp close to the Warsaw pact. Oh, yes, the Warsaw pact was also caused by the US after they didn’t allow the USSR to become members in NATO. So USSR and her satellites founded a club of their own. And we stupid Jerries were forced to tolerate the unthinkable, a new German Army, and pay through the nose for it.

          I don’t get the contract argument tho: Of the mothers and fathers of the German constitution nobody’s alive anymore. But that thing was never supposed to be a contract but a law. And as far as laws go, the Grundgesetz remains valid even if the guys who first put it in words on paper have vanished.


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