Linux and Adobe

Some people think they can’t get by without PS.

You hear it so often these days: “Yeah, I know I should leave the fukn Windows shit and switch over to Linux … BUT all mah Adobe programs n stuff. :..(“

And yadda yadda yadda and so on.

I have, and I admit it quite freely, no need for and no clue about the various Adobe softwares. I sometimes crop screenshots with the Gimp and that’s it. But I can understand that many much more artistically inclined power users feel the need and dependency on PhotoShop and other Adobe programs. Adobe doesn’t port their wares for the GNU/Linux infrastructure (as they should) so here we are: A perfect dilemma between political correctness and pragmatism.

But is it really so? Is it really that black and white as many people think it is?

Read this and maybe you’ll feel engaged and inspired to finally give Linux a go:

There is an alternative for everything!
GIMP’s mascot “Wilber” is the much preferably logo over PS.

Now we could engage in longwinded, needlessly obsessive discussions about the term Alternative and if it’s correct or if we shouldn’t rather say Option. Naaw, we’re not radical Open Sourcers are we? But let’s say, by now the whole GNU/Linux world is big and mature enough to NOT have its users scramble for alternatives to their Windows programs anymore. GIMP isn’t a 1:1 clone of PhotoShop, same as Linux ain’t a clone of Windows or Mac. It’s something entirely different, doing basically the same thing. Same as with most other Adobe alternatives of the Linux infrastructure. Many aren’t even bound to Linux but are available for all major OSes.



One comment

  1. I know, I know, I know I should switch but I’ve used Windows professionally for three decades. And Adobe products for seven years and I don’t have the time to switch and learn something new. I have thousands of images in Lightroom and would be lost without it database capabilities.

    I’ve played with versions of Linux since the mid-eighties and know it’s better but I don’t have the time to switch and learn something new. Time is the reason I don’t switch not that there aren’t equivalents.


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