Béa, Sammie, Watch This!


Hah! Busted! And busted by someone who really really KNOWS! his shit.

Sorry for incorporating you two young and sexy bishies into the fanboi catagory but I guess if fanboi or fanbish doesn’t make a huge difference, does it? Anyway, listen to what Dr.Dr.Prof. super academician Richard Stallman’s gotta say about peoples like the two of yous! At least in the few moments he doesn’t spend with telling the interviewer what a fool he is …

And now? Are you finally ashamed to be customers of that particular cellphone dispersing conglomerate? I hope so. Ashamed enough to take the next logical step ahead? Are you finally ready to join the ranks of good and fair nerds around the planet, who work on making the world a better place?

Thank you. Now let’s get busy. Auntie Orcsi expects to see results! Soon!




    • What did you expect Sammie. RS doing flipflops for your entertainment? Instead rather open your mind, listen to his voice of reason and adapt to his style of computing.

      Naaaaw, much too complex and unluxuroius. But a normal, non-radical Linux would do you good, hun. So tomorrow you go out and buy a new lappy and put fukn Mint on it. It’s fantastic and you’ll be so super happy with it like you won’t believe.
      Go! Do it NAO!!!


    • What you mean, NO? That, Samlara Vintner, that wasn’t an advice and no recommendation; that was a direct order! How dare you refusing the former TrYC High Cheese? And by the way, shopping for a shitty computer and making it useful again is a super coolio vacational activity, no? Let’s call it *LINUX SUMMER CAMP 2017* and there ya go! Fun in the sun.
      Ooooh, and please leave a like for the great article. I wrote it extra specially for Mac anarchists like you and Bea. Now gimme my LIKE! LØL


    • Pay you for making your life better? That’s not how this bloggy works, Sammie. Do you ask McDonald’s to pay you for eating their shitty burgers? Well *cough* that’s actually a good idea and we all should refuse to touch that crap without a good monetary compensation. LOL. You gotta pay me for my good advice and for your shiny glitzering future in Linux. Fortunately for you I disperse my wisdom free of charge and only expect a willingness to help yourself as payment. =^.^=


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