Wanna Read About Linux …

… or use it instead?

Amazon loves to sell you shit!

The Linux Command Line Beginner's Guide by [Moeller, Jonathan]Yikes. Found this Amazon link incidentally in a now dysfunct Linux blog and was, like, totally flabbergasted. For this is but a small assortment of available Linux books. I guess these are mostly aimed at the bloody beginner, and when you delve into the very intricate expert geeky stuff you’ll find a hundred gazillion more books to buy.

Those fuktards! Stuff like this makes me angry. Aren’t they all trying to get as many ppl away from Windows and MacOS and into the wonderful world of GNU/Linux and FOSS? But they don’t know any better way than producing whole bookshelves full of hardcopy books about the subject? Don’t they know how much people hate to read these days? Don’t they get it that their way of dispersing Linux wisdom reeks of snake oil salesmen?

The Linux Mint Beginner's Guide - Second Edition by [Moeller, Jonathan]Don’t they have the smallest hunch about how counterproductive producing geeky books is to their goal of getting everybody, including senior citizens, toddlers and housewives, over to the Linuxy side of life?

Dunno about you, but I consider myself as a mildly intelligent, curious person, an academic even. Still seeing books being produced about something that’s supposed to be easy, is a big turn-off for me. It repels me. If we wouldn’t have the internet but were still relying on books as our major source of information I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of Linux and Open Source software in the first place … and, more important, if I’d ever even dared sniffing out the Linux stuff. If people have to write books about it, it can’t be easy, it can’t be simple, it can’t be comfortable to use. Linux must be the most messy, counterintuitive software in the history of ever, right?

From Windows To Ubuntu by [Newell, Gary]And now I feel like the lonely caller in the desert, like the manic street preacher, telling my sheeples to please, never open any of these books. Please, I beg of you! It is snake oil, it is bullshit, it’s not needed. Linux is indeed easy to grasp and should lead to stunning results after a very short acclimatisation period. As I’ve said before it’s more a question of unlearning many stuffs you know from Windows, and getting used to the Mac-ish way of thinking and working, than of learning a new paradigm.

Linux: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide To Get Started With Linux Projects (IT Starter Series) by [Campbell, Sam]But wait! There do indeed exist use cases for books. But not to read them in the traditional way, like reading until something in your noggin makes click and you’ve learned stuff. No, I mean more like a dictionary, a reference work. In case – and only in this special case – you wanna indeed delve into Linux’s Terminal and your system’s Command Line Code, it’s nice to have some written down, printed table or referendum to quickly find and pick the exact command to tell your machine in order to get the desired result.

Linux for Beginners: An Introduction to the Linux Operating System and Command Line by [Cannon, Jason]But again, we have the year 2000-and-friggin-17, there is no need to ever even open the terminal. All the rest should be as self-explanatory and intuitive as your former system, Windows or MacOS. No, it should  be even more intuitive and easier.

And if you’ve followed Orca’s hints and tips and recommendations you have some cheapo shitty computer set aside for your first steps in Linux anyway. So instead of reading an hour long through some poorly structured literature that sometimes seems to come close to, but never really touches your recent problem, you can just go to town, try shit out, fuk up, say pfff, and re-install the whole system. That only takes 10 minutes and even makes you more of an expert. 😉

Linux: The Quick and Easy Beginners Guide to Learning the Linux Command Line (Linux in 3 Days Book 1) by [Cannon, Jason]Look, I don’t know Jonathan Moeller, Gary Newell, Sam Campbell or Jason Cannon, nor do I know any of the million other expert writers. I guess most of them are very skilled and reasonable people. Some of them might be asshats, I guess with most of them it’d be a joy to share a beer with. Nothing against them personally and nothing against their compulsion to disperse their knowledge and leave a personal mark in history by publishing a book. In a way I’m doing the same with this here bloggo, don’t I? Oh yes, I’m a very compulsive little person that likes to punch in wayyyy above my pay-grade. But at least I’m not publishing my shit for money, as these guys do. Yes, I know e-books cost next to nothing, but still. They are selling you a good, a ware. Some guys, like Mr. Cannon for example, are selling you the same shit even more than once. Just changing out the titles and slightly altering the content and … voila, a new book! Unfortunately it’s mostly just snakeoil. Please tell me, what book shall dough-eyed little n00b me buy? Linux for Beginners or Learn Linux in 3 Days? What a dilemma. 😮 I thought these books were supposed to be helping me. And why don’t you just try it out yourself, watch YT videos, read Linuxy blogs and do as Orca tells you and as she does herself? Try everything out for yourself. At least once. Fuk up. Find another system to fuk up … or succeed in, and go your merry ways. 😉


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