Every Time …

… I wanna install Singularityviewer-alpha on my replacement computer I end up like this …


No, Singularity isn’t in Manjaro’s regular repository, neither is Firestorm. So I have to make use of the AUR. And that thing is super helpful … if you’re a bit of a geek … which Orca ain’t. Usually it was never a problem to install Singu from the AUR but today everything is different. Always ending up in this editor thing and no idea what to do in there and how to use it in the first place. And yes, before you ask, in the regular, non-alpha version of Singu it’s the same. And in Firestorm as well. Haven’t tried any other viewers yet. Dunno if the maintainer has built in a trap for silly SL girls into his port or if it’s normal.

For usually I just say No, I don’t wanna fuk with the PKGBUILD … and I can just go on, installing without problems. Only today it doesn’t work … like, not at all! 😮


So please forgive me when I stay offworld for a while longer. :..(

Hmmmm, maybe … maybe I’ve got an idea. Hang on. How do the kids say these days before they break something? “Hold my beer and watch me …”

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