A Reasonable Laptop for YOU?

You know Orca’s stance on preconfigured/-installed hardware, do you? I find it all a bit questionable and making money out of nothing like. But obviously all those readymade Linux computers hitting the market lately are selling like hot cakes, so they must’ve found a special niche market. Good riddance to them I say. Anyhoo, now inside these masses of 99% (hateful) Ubuntu-loaded laptops, only one or two suppliers give you the choice of various Linux distros your new lappy comes equipped with. And now Station X from England finally offers – as a world first I guess – a Manjaro (Archlinux) powered machine. \o/ Fuk’n YAY! \o/

A very welcome sight: Manjaro Linux installed on a new laptop,

Orca still thinks that’s all just a load of BS and a nice way to make money from semi-literate users. And as if they could read my thoughts …

Intricate kernel tweaks my ass.

Ya ya, and no mistake, Linux’, and particularly Manjaro’s hardware detection technology, is fabulous already. As someone coming from Windows you’ll be surprised how easy it is in Linux to add and install most printers, scanners and whatnots. We all know Manjaro devs are very busy to stay always on top of things, so I guess the advertised tweaks must’ve been very (very very) subtle and minimal. As I writered earlier this all looks like someone is trying to create a profit out of thin air, by adding a largely superfluous bonus to an existing product and ramping up the price.

Now come on. It doesnt need a special type of person to be interested in Linux. Those people can easily be helped with the masses of preconfigured Ubuntu plastic fantastic lappies. No problem and understandable and reasonable to supply them with slightly overpriced hardware. But for me and for most people with half a brain the buck stops with Manjaro! Even if Orca – in her most silly and daredevil moments – has declared Manjaro an almost beginners friendly distro, it takes indeed a special kind of character to become interested in ArchLinux derivatives. It needs a modicum of computer skillz and some basic understanding of “how shit worx”. So for anybody who’s come so far up in the Linux food chain it shouldn’t be a problem to install their own favourite system on any hardware they fukn fancy !

I don’t know the price for this latest Station X Manjaro special lappy but I can tell you it’s not gonna be cheap. Probably in the Dell XPS price range. *gulps* And now let’s compare the trustworthyness of those two suppliers: Build quality, intl warrantee, infrastructure, technicians … errrm, for me it’s an easy decision.

Oh, and this little snippet from the It’s FOSS post almost escaped my attention:

Much like Apple, the Manjaro team has worked with Station X …

Huh? Wot?

Even if we accept the wobbly analogy and set up Apple vs StationX/Manjaro eye to eye, where does this even come close in comparison? StationX delivers hardware, Manjaro disperses the operating system. Much like, say, Dell and Microsoft. Apple on the other hand does it all by themselves. Hardware and software are produced in-house. The only entíty Apple co-operates with is Apple. That’s why it all works so perfectly in Apple’s little world. Are you trying to sprinkle some sand in our eyes, John-Paul Wohlscheid and It’s FOSS?


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