Talking About Manjaro Laptops …

… did you know Manjaro is now twatting on Twitter?

Those treacherous twats. 😮

Orca is of course much too oldfashioned and socially handicapped to even get the idea behind something like Twitter but maybe you youngling folk know what to do with it. Particularly to get the newest developments and newnesses about the upcoming Manjaro Special Edition Spitfire laptop by StationX. And I’ve gotta say Manjaro’s Twitter appearance looks indeed rather polished and nice like.

Sorry, that’s all I can say about Manjaro on Twitter as I don’t plan signing up for that service like ever. One more page to check out every day? Naaaaw, I can live without that stress. Will set it on my Morning Patrol list and check occasionally but no more than that.

Station X accepts your pre-orders, starting exactly one month from now, Oct. 13th. So start saving up nownow!

And, hey, I haven’t changed my mind between the last post and this one: I guess the Spitfire is a fine laptop computer, available in various configurations and equipped with various Linux distros … of which Manjaro is the best choice (but that’s personal opinion). Still I wouldn’t buy it and I won’t recommend it to you neither. Get a competent Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell or HP lappy. Or any used riff raff you can get your hands on … and then just play with Linux on it. Maybe it’s not for you after all and you decide to crawl back to Windows. And then we don’t want you to have that useless POS of overpriced Special Edition hardware catching dust in your attic, do we?


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