More Sadness, More Pfff…


No. Oubaas ain’t back yet from the electrician’s shop. 😦 In fact he won’t come back this week at all! 😮 From what my mechanic tells me I’ve figured out Mr. Electro’s run into some problems with our fancy van. Looks like he’s gotta fabricate a completely new cable harness. Good. I’ll give him some more days. taking time and doing it right is the way better alternative to breaking down and blowing fuses every other day, right?

Particularly with all the extra shit we wanna have installed. Extra shit that was unthinkable, particularly for a poor delivery workhorse van, back in the 60s. We’ll get electric windows, like one or two fans (that hopefully won’t get hit by shit), central locking, alarm, hifi, extra headlights, foglights, reverse lights and countless instruments on the dashboard. Yeah, I guess it’s really better to do a sturdy electric supply chain from the ground up.

Just too bad that I’ll have to do the trek to the grocers at least one more time before we get our much missed van back.


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