Cool! So Cool! \o/

Thar She Blows! is now officially world famous!!!

Five minutes ago I received an email notifying me about a new follower. So far so mundane. These things happen sooner or later when you publish a bloggythingie. People starting to stalk you, which is really really nice n stuff. But today’s follower was a bit different from the usual followers who are either from Second Life or somehow connected to GNU/Linux stuff.

No, this follower is obviously from Thailand! Fuk me. Look this here:

This email notifies me about แม่ค้าใจดีหน้าหมวย following me.

Welcome to my humble little bloggy, แม่ค้าใจดีหน้าหมวย. Thx for stalking me.

This is แม่ค้าใจดีหน้าหมวย Gravatar profile.
This is แม่ค้าใจดีหน้าหมวย very colourful blog. I guess แม่ค้าใจดีหน้าหมวย loves peanuts, which is great. Orca loves peanuts too, particularly when coated in Asian spices.
No fat with Thai herbs.


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