Well, That’s Disappointing. :(

Imagine the CEO of Porsche driving on stage giving a keynote speech … in a Ferrari. 😮

That’s what I call a human failure. Or is it even a failure of humanity? Is this what the term bigotry was invented for?

Zemlin’s an ahole! 😦

Now, let’s be fair. Linux ain’t a commercial product, and the Linux Foundation is a foundation, not a commercial enterprise. Let’s quote infamous Linux propagandist O. Flotta here: “Linux isn’t in competition with any other software”, and still it’s a very questionable move by the director of an organisation, trying to convince the masses to use Linux, if they themselves are rocking a fukn stupid Mac tablet! That’s mighty mucked up.

But friends, please believe me when I tell you that I’m not using any commercial software product on any of my computing machines. Since 2012 or so I haven’t even touched any Windows or MacOS powered computer. I totally missed out on Win 8 and Win 10 and Apple products of the same time. I guess that’s the least one can and should do if one wants to propagate something. It’s the same reason why I’d never, never ever  use an Uber, and deGoogle my life or do any business with such shady companies. It’s called being consequential … or “radical” or “rebellious” according to some Americans.

Tom of the Switched To Linux channel had some thoughts on the topic as well:

Here’s linkage to the It’s FOSS article. Weird how all the journaille jumps onto the smallest stuffz and blows everything out of proportions, no?

How good that Orcablog doesn’t howl with the choir of the righteously upset. 🙂




    • Aaaaw, you such a meaniepooface, Sam. 😮
      First of all he could’ve done his silly slideshow just as easily in a Linux environment if he tried. And let’s not forget it wasn’t a slap in Linux face as much as it was in FOSS. He’s the big poomba of the Linux Foundation, a outfit purely focused on Linux commercial enterprises. They don’t concern themselves with Linux on the desktop but with Linux server farms, Linux in industrial mainframes, Linux in the internet of things, Linux in electronic appliances firmware. All that shit. A fucker like him doesn’t necessarily need to subscribe to Stallman’s philosophy. Don’t be influenced so easily, hun.
      Secondly we gotta mention that we didn’t really expect anything better from a promotional mercenary. If Microsoft or Apple want to hire that guy I guess he’s like swoosh, over there before we can even say “What the …?”


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