Pfff …


This gets saderer every day. Still no Oubaas in his reserved parking space, still no chance to finally get out to the Gigabyte service center for warrantee repair of my shoddy motherboard. And worst of all, no chance to drive to China Town for another haul of coated peanuts, coconut milk and a new load of soy sauce. 😦

Q4OS home page.

Also bad news on the Linux front. Having just heard about a new test version of Q4OS, a very oldfashioned KDE flavoured Linux distro on Debian basis and how super fast and lightweight it supposedly is, of course I had to download the ISO file immediately and give it a spin on OrcNet, my weakest machine. Would’ve been exactly the right stuff.

Didn’t work out as expected. 😮 After some illogical stuff happened during the installation process, the system like completely refused to boot up after restart. So, today I tried it again. Deleted the hard drive like 3 times and painstakingly set it up with the nifty ext4 file system, installed Q4OS again … only to have it failing again. 😦



See, not even most glamorous Linux goddess Orca can get it right every time. 😮 Shame really. Would’ve been just the right stuff to get OrcNet up to speed. :..( Anyhoo, will read into it later and of course give it another shot … tomorrow. For today I feel more like going back in bed and crying in my pillow. :.(


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