Must Have!!!


As the guys at Massdrop already point out this is a darling set of kawaii keycaps for your keyboard. As Massdrop forgot to mention, this is like taylormade for female Second Life residents. Squeechie colourful, gleefully silly and … pretty pointless. Your editrix woulda gonna be sooo lost with that keyboard layout.

Naaw, it’s okay. As I just see these come in sets of 4 so you can replace your, say, WASD keyes with kittycat caps or any other group of 4 or just spread them around on tactically important places, or get some more sets and make your whole keyboard catty, or … do with ’em as you fugn please.

Anyhoo, just telling you this nifty set is up for cheapo grabs if and when enuff people come together so that Massdrop can haggle down the price from the manufacturerer.

Adorable shit for the woman of distinction. Get it while it’s hot!

A Feline Fixture for Your Favorite Keyboard

Chances are your cat is probably already all over your keyboard, so why not give it a permanent home there? This 4-pack of keycaps features four cute little kittens printed onto keycaps in the color of your choice. Compatible with Cherry MX switches, these OEM profile caps are made from durable ABS with UV coating.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of keycap color (black, green, lavender, mint, orange, pink, red, royal blue, sky blue, slate gray, white, yellow) and your choice of keycap row (R1, R2, R3, R4). You will receive one cat of each type. See image directly below for an example. 

WASD Keyboards Cherry Cat Novelty Keycaps (4-Pack)

Of course – and I can’t stress this point enough – you gotta own a mechanical keyboard, preferably with Cherry MX switches (or Chinese fakes thereof) so these nifty keycaps can fit on your keyboard. Logical, eh?



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