Can Hardly Wait …

Oh well, yes, I know he is already, like, dead n stuff.

… for this flick to hit the movie theaters and pirate bays around the world. He wasn’t the leader Russia wanted but he was the leader she needed. I bet it’s gonna be an all funny like mockumentary. Here, comrades, have a trait trailer:

And then have the trailer lined up at a wall of your choice and shoot it.

Writes boingboing:

Armando Iannucci’s new movie, “The Death of Stalin“, presents the Soviet leader’s demise and its chaotic aftermath in a darkly-comic mockumentary style. Iannucci’s use of that format to illustrate the mundane nastiness of British and American politics is already legendary; its transposition to mid-century Moscow (complete with the comically inappropriate but oddly convincing use of British accents to illustrate class and regional signifiers at the high end of Soviet politics) is so bizarre and unexpected I think it’ll either fail and become a cult classic, or be the biggest movie of the year and hated by everyone forever.
I think it’s gonna be 10 times nastier than The Interview, which was just a silly wannabe comedy.
‘nuf said.

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