OK, Gigabyte! I’m Ready For You!

You know I’ve determined that my stupid Gigabyte mobo is to blame for MiniMax’s latest fokup. But since I’m such a practical and helpful girly and know the Gigabyte repair center here in Cape Town won’t disassemble my machine, I already did it today, so I can hopefully bring the mobo into repair on Monday …

I see this truly sad sight far too often. 😦

As it is the fashion with Mini-ITX cases and motherboards, you really need to disassemble your rig to the barest of bare bones in order to retrieve that shit. So my poor little MimiMax looks like a skeleton once again. 😦

The Gigabyte board looks like new … :/

Once I got the mobo fished out of the box, I had to disassemble it as well: Taking the RAM bars and fan off was easy, the processor too. I was quite astonished to find the thermal paste was still sticky and chewy and kinda fresh. So the time my new replacement mobo spent in the assembly wasn’t even long enough for the compound to dry out.

I hope the Gigabyte techies don’t suspect foulplay when I bring the board in again, after only a little over a year. Hey, it’s not my problem if your Ultra Durable mainboards are everything but. :/

Meanwhile I replaced the Sparky Linux in Gaga with my usual Manjaro MATE, since I must have accidently deleted the hard drive. I put MiniMax’s SSD right next to it to test it in another system than MiniMax. Just to make sure it’s not the drive to blame. And it worked quite fine. Maybe the magnets where too close to Gaga’s mechanical platter (do SSDs even have magnets?), I have no idea but the hard drive wasn’t recognized as a bootable drive anymore. So I took the opportunity and put my fave system on.

Whatever, blogging can and will commence. Orca is 100% on top of everything! 🙂


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