This Ain’t Even Funny No More

As carefully planned by me, Sammie and Miata are exchanging blows again. In the comment section of a very old blogpost … no idea why they are posting there now. Hey, I’m innocent, didn’t pitch them against each other. Just reporting on the shit going down, do I? But I still have an open competition with Sammie. Wanted to prove to her that I can build/buy a machine for 800 €/$ that is better for SL than her Apple iMac. So tonight I thought I have  alook at Amazon’s consumer paradise and try to assemble a worthy machine.

Oooopsy! No assembly necessary as Amazon even sells ready-made computers in that price range … incl. keyboard and mouse!

Not too shabby at all … Cyberpower is a good name among the new boutique builders.

Everybody knows Amazon has neither the biggestest product range nor the bestest retail prices but their shit is available pretty much all over the civilized world. That’s why I didn’t look at specialized local retailers. So I guess I could get a similar or better machine for less money if I researched carefully.

Ok, according to Sammie, one has to purchase a monitor that goes with the computing box. She’s partly right, that spoiled iMac brat. 🙂

Sooooo …

I just clickered the first result

So let’s see:

Box + keyboard + mouse = 720 US$

Monitor = 90 US$

Makes a total of 810 Ameridollers. Cool price if you ask me. Sorry for not meeeting the 800 bucks treshold, Sammie but I guess one look at the local thrift store would’ve scored much cheaper results. Anyhoo, how much did your iMac cost? Mhm, ya, so expensive? Bummer. And allow me to say my showy Cyberpower rig (with very adolescent chic windowed box and red LED lighting) + a very modern IPS screen will blow your iMäck right outta the water!

1,129 US$ for a used system, that won’t even come close to the Cyberpower?

And now let’s lean back and relax and wait for Miata’s very real project to materialize.





  1. i really don’t remember what my imac cost i think about C$1500 but i’m really not sure That fugly group looks hideous but it’s not bad i5 is a bit cruddy nowadays and the graphic card sucks BUT still not bad and workable as for windows, forget it I’m not knocking miata s dell they make good stuff and not crazy prices
    BTW most apple refurbished are a very good buy generally normally new guts inside see you in 3 weeks xxx

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    • Yes, you’re correct. But still in the real world, in which AIOs are but a very small minority, montors are sold extra and never calculated with computer prices. Same goes for keyboards and mice. But as you’ve seen I even included those peripherals and landed just 10 bucks above the treshold.


    • Not just a 1080. No, good old tamm sports a 1080Ti. Whoa! Dat ding cost more dan my fancy van incl. racing tyres! Colour me impressed and green with envy. 😮


  2. the imac not worth it they used to be but not now the only reason, no hardware upgrades i won’t buy a new one BUT then mine still sings so no need yet and the screen is to die for shite graphics card but that’s just a personal preference i guess

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    • “shite graphics card but that’s just a personal preference i guess”


      Just no.

      In case of gaming, respectively SL, it’s a must, not a personal preference. You would be correct to save da moolah if you was to write the novel of da 21st century. But no, you wanna be a hot sailracer in Second Life, which cries for decent graphics with a decent draw distance. Ergo you need a beefy graphics card. Nvidia GTX family or AMD at least 7xx series, better 9xx or even the new ones they have.


  3. miata replaced her crap home build, well a list of components grabbed from the net, and is now regretting it it seems Typical of him hope her dell works well they are pretty decent

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    • You know Miata was always busy in SL, sailing, racing, cruising, partying, fu**ing … all the fun stuff, and all without the Alienware thingy. So her 500 dollers bucket can’t be too shabby. Also, didn’t she say 800, not 500? That makes a hella diff.


      • Well The New screen I got for it after that long ago comment did push the price up but for the sake of the argument, and more important for all the other readers who think they cant build a good machine to have fun in SL I’m going to stick with the older screen.

        Remember as well, when I built it I didn’t go just pick stuff out of Amazon, I went to a local store and bought the stuff there. So folks you don’t even have to be a member of Amazon Prime, just break open your piggy bank and let the building commence!

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        • I like that approach very much. It supports your local economy (which I don’t care about) and is much more personal and hands on. Collecting parts on a soulless Amazon – or any other online dealer’s – website can’t beat the personal consulting by the guy who’s probably also gonna assemble your machine. He can’t sell you wrong parts since he must make sure everything fits and works once he fires up the system for the first time.
          One should be prepared to pay a wee little bit more than with the cheapest online dealers for the luxury of buying from a real brick and mortar store.


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