Extra for Maiti

Didn’t you say you wanted to do sumfink with Plex (whatever that may be) or so?

As it so happens, I could talk my good old friend Matt Hartley into making a vid about Plex just for your infotainment. 😉

You may thank me later. 🙂

A friendly, wellspoken, nerdy Matt Hartley.




    • No, can’t say I know Burch Byrnes other than what you told and showed me about him.

      Or you mean Matt Hartley? No, not personally, Was joking. Maybe we exchanged words in some or the other YT comment. He was co-host of the Linux Action Show on YouTube back when it was good and when Chris Fisher let him talk for some seconds. Now he’s sometimes co-hosting Bryan Lunduke’s show. And he also writes for Freedom Penguin, Joe Collins’ blog. I often refered to his opinion pieces and linked to them from my blog.


      Other than that no contact, He wouldn’t even know of my existence. Most famous person ever commenting on my blog was Ikey Doherty of the Solus Project. No, he don’t like me much. 😦

      LOL; Bryan Lunduke was also once a co-host of the Linux Action Show. See, everything comes full circle, everybody knows everybody in the Linux scene. It’s like a self-fertilising plant of sorts. That’s why we see so many good and very stable cross-breeds. The gift that keeps on giving. 🙂


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