New Mis-Adventures in the Data Center. :(

LOL. Data Center sounds a bit pretentious, right? A lot pretentious actually. In fact it’s just that MiniMax is fuckered again. My guess is it’s the mobo. Yes, again, the super good Gigabyte ITX mobo. Hm, at least it’s still under warrantee I think. Problem is we don’t have a vehicle right now and the Gigabyte service center is a bit too far to walk so for the next couple days/weeks my little office wonder, Gaga, has to do all the blogging and media consuming and occasional inworld SL duty. :/

We’ll see how that goes. At least for everything ungraphical, blogging, torrenting, watching videos, listening to music, Gaga is a more than ok replacement for not even 1/10th of the price. And right now, after being on duty the whole day, having downloaded some video files and played a movie, and we both having surfed on it and me blogging, the fan didn’t switch on a single time and the whole fun sized box is still cold to the touch. I’m sooo proud of that little thing.

Gaga jury rigged for short term replacement duty. Will make it more pretty tomorrow … or so.

And it’s already the second time Gaga’s saving Orca’s bacon. Of course Gaga’s older sibling, MiniMe, would do more or less the same but right now it serves as hubby’s plaything. He has some KDE distro on it which he uses when he works in our study. So I’m really happy for having bought Gaga. No idea how anybody could ever live with less than three computers. In the afternoon, after coming to the conclusion that MiniMax won’t be functional for quite some time, I put Gaga on my main screen and the Yamaha stereo system, so our AV studio is fully functional. 🙂

On Gaga since 04/17: The simple af Sparky Linux with Mate DE.

As for the OS powering little Gaga, it’s still Sparky Linux. It’s residing on Gaga since April of this year. Now is Sparky not a geeky af Archlinux system but a brave and simple (and rock solid stable) Debian which rocks the super familiar oldstyle Windowsy Mate desktop environment. It’s kinda perfect for the task. Exactly what Orca needs right now to calm her highly agitated mind.

See, from time to time Orca indeed uses some of the distros she recommends for her readers. Not expecting you to go anywhere I woudn’t venture myself.


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