Austria … lia?

Putin on US administration: ‘It’s difficult to talk with people who confuse Austria and Australia’
‘Americans are a great people if they can endure so many people with such a low level of political culture,’ Russian president says




  1. HMMMM An interesting comment coming from a president that has a lot to say about America, but doesn’t speak English.

    Perhaps it was him who made the error not the person speaking it.

    It’s also interesting how he comments about his spies being thrown out of the US, black smoke pouring out their industrial smoke stacks destroying all the spy evidence in a real hurry after they were given far more time to leave than what that gave Americans after we cut off his illegal banking. But we never hear comments concerning that sort of behavior do we?

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    • “HMMMM An interesting comment coming from a president”
      It wasn’t just him, but the whole world reacting kinda bemused, kinda shocked about the US butthurtedness.

      “that has a lot to say about America, but doesn’t speak English.”
      His English is wayyy better than Trump’s Russian. I actually herard him speaking English during the interviews with Oliver Stone. But for technical reasons of clarity he of course switched to Russian in his answers. Besides, it would be very unprofessional for the president of any country to speak in foreign tongues when making official statements.

      “Perhaps it was him who made the error not the person speaking it.”
      No, can’t be. Austria and Australia are two different countries and everybody knows that and we know their geographical position on this marble and in most languages they don’t even sound remotely the same. Österreich/Australien (i.e. in German). It’s a mistake only made by anglophones.

      “his spies being thrown out of the US, black smoke pouring out their industrial smoke stacks destroying all the spy evidence”
      Jeez, they are called diplomatic corps and employees. No country has more “secret” employees in their embassy than the USA. Look at all the NSA domes on top of your embassies. At least the Russians gave them Americans enough time (2 weeks I guess) to clear the premises. That’s plenty compared to tne rather hectic timeframe granted to the Russians. So I guess what went up in flames was just paperwork of less priority they couldn’t pack in inside the very short time given to them. Also entering the premises and stopping the cars for searches was highly illegal.
      C’mon, admit it, what the Amereicans did there was very very hamfisted and reeked of petty revenge. Very childish.
      And how do you know it’s spay evidence that went up in flames? Are you really so naiive to think that spy evidence would be just laying around in the embassy, ready to be found, and needs to be burned? In 2017? All the spy shit was securely hidden on USB sticks in the ambassadors trouser pockets.

      “they were given far more time to leave than what that gave Americans”
      You mean “what THEY gave Americans” I assume. And again you’re wrong. The Americans were given ample time, in line with international law, to evacuate the premises. Again, Russia was right, America was failing internatonal law and contracts … hard and badly. Arrogance of power. Entering the premises was the most blatant hostile action. You know, even after removing all Russian personnel, the buildings themselves are Russian property and NOT to be touched! I hope the UN will decide on heavy sanctions against the US now.

      “we cut off his illegal banking”
      You know that from which source, hun? I hope you know that “illegal” banking isn’t done in banks, so there is nothing to cut off. I’m not stating that Putin is squeaky clean but in comparison to Trump and Obama he looks like a cute little bear cub. 🙂

      “But we never hear comments concerning that sort of behavior do we?”
      Oh yes, we do. I dunno what websites you read but I hear a lot about “Russia did this, Putin did that, Evil, evil evil!” But I guess in your echo chamber ain’t much space for real world news, is it? Or did you watch the happy Syrians, welcoming their own fighter jets as they finally broke ISIS belagering of that cut-off city. I forgot it’s name now but you might have heard of it. That city where one batallion is holding up ISIS since years. Much to the USA’s dismay, since it proves how much the Syrian people love their president, Assad. Or have you heard about all wages and moneys are still paid regularly, even in this troubled times? That Syria is a fully functional state, only weakened by foreign (USA/ISIS/Turkey/Saudi) interference. And again some heavy lies, carefully constructed and “evidenced” by the CIA, are debunked.


    • “we all know you are a closet commie”
      No, I’m not. At least not that I know of. It’s astonishing that many ppl know more about me than I do myself. I always thought I was a social democrat of the left wing of the social democratic spectrum; not a socialist, and certainly not a fukn commie. Maybe I fall into the drawer, so roughly and wrongly named “tecnocommie” by American geeks because I support FOSS. But that’s not a political decision.
      Also I can’t see what that linked article has to do with communism.

      “and that’s fine”
      No, it ain’t fine. I would hate myself if I was a commie and I hate when other people assume I might be one.

      “You can think whatever you like”
      Thank you, Samantha, for your generous permission.

      “I love when you get bolloktitical on us”
      Oh, this short sentence demands a multitiered reply:
      1) I didn’t go bolloktical on anybody, was merely linking to an interesting article on RT since I found the described circumstances very weird. Didn’t even add any commentary by myself as that article spoke for itself.
      2) “on us”? “us”? Shit, my secret plan to pitch Sammie vs Maiti is failing its purpose badly. Now you two bishies are teaming up against lil ol me. 😮
      Arrrgs. 😦

      “Keep it up”
      Oh yes, and no mistake, I will. Keep it up. Go on with being amazing n stuff. Like every day.


  2. “G’day, mate! Throw anotha shrimp on tha bahbie?”
    ~ Americans on Austria

    Austria, “The land of Kangaroos”, was so named by Australia during the years when Austria was exclusively used for kangaroo storage by the first Australian settlers. Austria’s economy was hugely dependent on kangaroos für their labour, für their meat and für fur (as sound-proofing for cellars) until the Great Kangaroo Epidemic. Today, most Americans doubt its existence or confuse it with some other place.

    In the rest of the world, Austria is known for Mozarts’ Balls, exporting ski equipment and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Red Bulls. Austria is also renown for having introduced concepts such as inbred monarchs, Turks, incest, mailbox letter bombs, and fathers locking their daughters in cellars.


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