Oh Shit! :..(

It went down like this: At proximately 3 a.m. I tucked hubby in bed and was looking forward to having MiniMax all for myself, for YouTube watching and blogging and all the fun stuff. But then I had a cunning idea: After nearly a week of non-stop uptime I wanted to shut down the computer, take it for at least 20 seconds off power, and then restart it. That often helps freshen up confused and overworked hardware. Good plan, as I mentioned already. 😉

But then DISASTER STRIKED! Fukn MiniMax doesn’t get his ass up. I can do what I want, try all the usual tricks … and some highly unusual ones as well. Nothing helps! 😦 Not a problem, as I know I can reinstall my good Manjaro Linux in a matter of 10 minutes and then tweak it to my needs in another 5.

Only problem … you get a hunch? Yes. I haven’t done any backups since two or three weeks. Grrrr, stupid housewife. 😮 Ok, I can live with that. Now it’s far more important to get MiniMax up and running again. But then disaster strikes again! Of course it does. That’s what disasters do, isn’t it? It’s their style. MiniMax acts like totally unpredictable and refuses to let me install anything on it. 😦


First I tried to install Manjaro MATE in order to restore my exact system. But the fukn computer refuses to even start with the Manjaro distro ISO file. OMfG! Ok, then let’s try Jodie James’s super nifty Mate Revenge, a cool new Archlinux spin. And, yay!, I get it installed. But it’s not really what I want. I mean, would you trust a developer who puts Google’s Chrome as standard web browser into his distro? Naaaw, fuk that. Next: Manjaro again, but the lovely Cinnamon this time.


Pfff, after hanging for two or more hours at 26% my patience is running thin and I try to install a number of other distros on my bestest computer. Jeezuz, sometimes not even the screen turns on, it’s so bad. MiniMax acts like possessed by some demon. I decide to switch my operation over to little Gaga. And that’s where we are now.


Imagine that. I guess not everybody is in my lucky position to have three desktop computers at their proposal, but also not everybody has such stubborn hardware. So while I’m glad and thankful for having MiniMe and Gaga, my miniscule Lenovos to take over the blogging duties from MiniMax, I’m pretty much very concerned about MiniMax’s health. Will probably clean out and reformat the SSD and see what else is wrong with that thing. I mean, it was running like a good boy, very fast and reliable and a fukn joy as my daily rider. And then a simple reboot ruins my whole data center??? That’s unacceptable!

But for now I need a break. it’s 13:44 right now and I’m sitting at this problem since 3 A.M. 😦

Must sleep … laterz peepuls xoxooxox



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