Eventhough she’s a co-blogger of this here bloggy now, Maiti’s sent me a handful photos and asked me to post them while she’s on her way to chemo. I guess in order to piss off Sammie. =^.^=

Our little rivalry here get’s more fun by the minute:

Maiti even sent a text for Sammie with those photos:

Here ya go, let Sammi choke on it. And Sammy I’m fighting like hell from reaching my expiration date, it will come soon evough but I’ll still do more in my short time on this hellhole marble than you ever will.

What we can see here in these shots is Maiti’s bitchin’ Alienware Gaming PC. She also told me about her plans with her older 500$ “wonder” and for a new mini PC build as a Plex/Server/Dropbox/HTPC running on Linux. But she can do that by herself in the coming days. It’s above my pretty noggin. That’s why I invited her as co-blogger in the first place.

I like her two screens setup but despise her choice of Roccat peripherals. They just scream “Gamer!” and are obviously more price than quality. Dunno about you but I’ve got yet to hear anything positive about Roccat stuffz.

And now we’re waiting with baited breath for Sammie’s countermachine …

Let the games begin!



    • What you say Sammie? Why are you posting hardly graspable comments when you should have better stuff to do. For example get a computer (no, cell phones don’t count, not even Android ones) and put Linux on it and beat Maiti on the field of glory. In a stupid blog’s stupid comment section is no honour, no dignity.



  1. my pic still works fine thanks and my ipad so no need to change yet i have no ambition to beat miata in her quest for glory I prefer living in reality not fantasy well apart from SL of course I’ve never liked liars Orcs it’s that simple and you have known me way to long to doubt that Hugs NOW if YOU want glory get your new office/ garage/ whatever construction rezzed of us all to see Yayyyy back in 3 weeks sammie is going on vacation xxx

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    • “i have no ambition to beat miata”
      Ugh come on now, you challenged her already.
      Don’t you remember a couple weeks back when you blared out that your Mac was better than her 800 US$ PC. And Miata and Orca were like “Hell No, girlfriend! Nhn. :o” And then you wanted to install Linux on that gifted laptop you got and still nothing has materialized yet. Are you carrying your tail between your hind legs now?

      “NOW if YOU want glory get your new office/ garage/ whatever construction rezzed of us all to see”
      That’s not how prim-doodling werkz, Sammometer. You play with prims, torture them into shape, you finish a project or not. You’re doing it as a quasi meditation for your relaxation. And then you delete the build!

      “sammie is going on vacation”
      Cool, have a lot of funz? Where you go?


  2. Orcs get your facts correct miata concoction, which she only did prices for was crap and didn’t even include a screen you can have he worlds biggest super computer but if you can’t see the results it’s a crock of crap just li,e you know who’s lies hugs


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