Doodling Like a Fukn Boss!

Nice job for one morning.

/me pats herself on the back.

Okok, I kow I’m not a speedbuilder but a clumsy try and error type. But at least I have half of the first storey (or second if you’re in America) already put on top of the ground floor parking lot.


Still, the question about how to enter all the different parts of the building remains open. Conventional logic dictates a staircase and maybe a lift … but that’s so fukn complicated  to build. I could ask my very talented friend Slanty. Hmm, she buildered a lift when she moved her club, Slanty’s Shanty,  from ground level up in the sky after the arrogant and very shortlived Blake Sea Airport West turned life and living in the neighbourhood into a hell.

Ya, so maybe I should ask her … or just put a kinda ladder at the side of the building. 😉



    • Oh, I guess I have the rope climb meself in the latest Premium Gift. Still, send me your lifty script!!!

      Merci beaucoup xoxoxo


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