Again, Again!

Today I finally found out why I’m never able to make it to the LCC Sunday Cruise with Kitten’s gang anymore. It’s a simple explanation really: I’m sleeping at the time! 😮 See, my daily routine is a bit … or a lot actually … warped. Right now it’s 4:33 in the early A.M. and I’m kinda wide awake, watching YT vids and blogging. Will maybe take another short nap soon before starting the day proper.

And it’s clear that I’m not lasting very long into the night when being up so early. So, yes, it happend that I was watching some video with hubby … until he nudged me and told me to stop snoring. 😮 So off to the sofa with me for a kinda proper nightsleep. And during that time the LCC was busy doing Kitten’s 400th turn as cruise directrice. Shame on me for missing that special cruise. :..(


Something I did earlier yesterday, when I was still kinda fresh, was to demolish my current build of the OrcMedia Headquarters … and start all over again. This time I have a much clearer vision of what it’s gonna be so I guess a fresh start was the best way to accomplish my goal.

Started with a much bigger foundation (32 x 16) with a kinda roofed parking lot on ground level. That’s spacious enough for the editrix’s camping vehicles and a buncha her motorcycles. On top of that there will be the visitor center and reception hall with a live version of Thar She Blows! via Media on Prim, and some sofas n stuff for lounging. Next level up will be the editorial offices, where all the desks and computers and file cabinets n stuff are located. And above all that I’m planning the publisher’s private dwellings. All under one roof. Cool eh?



  1. Well it was a funny one, i did put my “temeraire” doing 50 knots and i did it all in less then 20 minutes. Sadly the party was hosted on “someone’s” land that i’m not found with and i left asap. Still congrats to Kitten, 400 cruises for the “masses” is some i don’t envy but a hell lot of work and love to be sure, put in it.

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