Oh Noes! :..(

My goodest, my bestest, my mostest favouritestest Mousy …

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

… is like totally broken. See how the rubber handrest is loose and ripped? Ok, I’ve gotta admit I’m using that mouse as my main mouse every day for 10 – 20 hours or so. Still this ain’t the fabled Logitech quality I propagated in this blog and told you all to trust in. 😦

Add to that the catastrophe that happened after I cleaned my other Logitech mouse, the MX Performance. I’d so much love to replace them both now with newer rodents … but I’ve no intention of getting divorced, so hmmm, guess my kinda broken mice will do and hopefully serve me satisfyingly for many more years to come.



    • It’s no sugar hun, it’s best quality human DNA. And usually kinda invisible. Only the camera in close-up makes a big deal of it.


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