Just a Reminder

One of the bestest TV shows ever just got a new Blu-Ray release.

Firefly’s life was cut much too short but it’s worthy a rewatch.

Were you bummed out when fucked up TV execs aired the episodes in a wrong order and then cancelled the whole show after not even a full first season? I can tell you, Orca and hubby were. And all for no reason. Firefly was a great show in all aspects but handled by idiotic managers at the studio who probably had a little internal war going on. And Jos Whedon and his new series had to suffer from it. It was indeed one of the saddest things ever happening in the history of TV.

Anyhoo, due to a hardloving fanbase and many many protests, Whedon got the budget to shoot a whole movie, called Serenity, one or two years later. This was also a nice movie which brought the story to a satisfying conclusion. Needless to say Orca and hubby are rewatching the whole (very short, very incomplete) TV series + the Serenity movie every couple years and always loving it. Firefly never fails to put a permagrin on our faces.

So, if you’re too cowardish to be a pirate or your ISP are torrent blocking nazis, here’s your chance to jump on the hype train in a kinda belated – but legal – fashion and enjoy the whole thing in grandiose Blu-Ray quality.

Good times indeed.

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