Allie Needs Your Help!

[07:35 AM] Allie Tomsen: (Saved Wed 30 Aug 2017 08:58 PM) Hi Orcs, I got an idea that almost works for me… attaching an animal to a boat. I am sending you a picture.
[07:35 AM] Allie Tomsen: (Saved Wed 30 Aug 2017 08:59 PM) I used a VKC animal poser and it works until I raise sails 😦
[07:35 AM] Allie Tomsen: (Saved Wed 30 Aug 2017 09:03 PM) I need advice on where to go with this… I just realized the obvious answer is to VKC, to find out how to make the animal stay on the poser when the boat moves. I’d appreciate any words of wisdom 🙂
[07:35 AM] Allie Tomsen is Online
[07:36 AM] Orca Flotta: hi Allie 🙂
[07:36 AM] Allie Tomsen: Hi Orcs!
[07:39 AM] Allie Tomsen: Are you wondering what the devil I am talking about?
[07:39 AM] Orca Flotta: hoohoo \o/
[07:40 AM] Orca Flotta: sorry, i have no idea about pets and how to attach them to moving objects
[07:41 AM] Orca Flotta: i guess if you link the poser to the boat the animal will stick as well
[07:41 AM] Allie Tomsen: Nope did that, it doesn’t
[07:42 AM] Orca Flotta: but i saw the photo
[07:42 AM] Orca Flotta: can post it in blog and relay your question there?
[07:43 AM] Allie Tomsen: OK, thanks , that may help! (There has got to be an answer somewhere, said the eternal optimist.
[07:44 AM] Orca Flotta: yes, must be

Okay, here is the object in question:

Looking good only when moored. :/

Quite a nifty idea Allie had there, and looks good so far, but doesn’t work when the boat is moving. 😦 Anybody knows a trick how to stick the doggo to the boat? And please, stay realistic! Allie already played with attaching the dog to her leg and Orca even tried Superglue and only ran into trubbel with those PETA assholes.

When attached doge becomes humping doge! 😮 It’s awkward …

And Allie just sent me this humping photo as proof of her failings. See that we really urgently need the expertise of really nifty builders and modders! Come on people, show us what real Grrlpowah can do!


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