Nasty Google. :(

You still think Google’s not evil?

Some of you guys are probably wondering why Orca degoogled all her IT shit (apart from YouTube, which I love) and think you’re so clever pragmatists, are you? Well, think of this extremist left wing radical whatever you fancy but what about the much better informed expert by one of your own? Watch this:




    • Refresh my memory please, Sammie, how was Russia in the post war era? I know it was the leading state of the USSR and trying to counter American imperialism and NATO provocations around the globe. Oh, and they had the madman Stalin at the helm, totally forgetting that he wasn’t the very much needed clever leader, who made them so victorious in WW2, anymore but had turned into an obnoxious, paranoid tyrant. Yes, ok, Russia was a butthurt crybaby.

      What else?


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